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    Closed COC ANDROID BOT (Step-by-step + Screenshots)

    Clash of Clans BOT for android phones. Easy step by step tutorial with screenshots. Requirements: Rooted Phone (via Kingroot, Kingoroot or Framaroot) XModGames Application (download at official XMG site) Step — by — Step: 1st, Download and Install XMG (XModGames). Open it and go to More...
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    Closed Visible Traps w/ SS - 2.28.16

    UPDATE: FEBRUARY 28, 2016 Hello everyone. In this thread, I'm gonna show and teach you how to reveal hidden defensive buildings, traps and bombs in Clash of Clans. Showing up the hidden objects in the game is easy and much easier when you'll follow the instructions which I am gonna teach you...
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    Closed VISIBLE TRAPS (FEB. 27, 2k16)

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    Closed Experience MAX VILLAGE (COC2k16)

    INTRODUCTION I will share to you guys my modded version trick of clash of clans. This will allow you to see max buildings and defences. WHAT'S INSIDE? Experience your village with max defences and buildings. Infos' below. DEFENCES Wall Lvl. 11 (MAX) Cannon Lvl.13 (MAX) Archer Tower Lvl.13...
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    PROCEDURE Go to /data/data/com.supercell.clashofclans/update/logic Paste the two (2) files you've downloaded. Done :) DOWNLOAD LINK (Update: Dec. 14, 2015) Link has been removed. You can now download the file in attachment. FOR BEGINNERS (CLICK THE LINK FOR STEP BY STEP) Root Folder...
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    Closed Free COC 2 (Trick Time Limit w/ Screenshots)

    This topic is a continuation of my recent post. Link : Tutorial - Free COC (Beginners Guide w/ Screenshot) - https://phcorner.net/t/free-coc-beginners-guide-w-screenshot.110497/ As what I said in my recent thread, your your-freedom will expired after you use or reach the two (2) hours time...
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    Closed Free COC (Beginners Guide w/ Screenshot)

    Free VPN - COC (Smart) This can help you play Clash of Clans without WiFi or any promos you've been registered. No load needed. Requirements Rooted Phone Your Freedom Smart Sim First, download your-freedom app on their official website or in play store. Open you-freedom app and scroll down...
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    Closed Visible Traps (Beginners Guide w/ Screenshot)

    THIS THREAD IS OUTDATED. JUST A GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS! STEP BY STEP FOR LOCATING CLASH OF CLANS ROOT FOLDER. FOR THE UPDATED TRAPS/TESLAS VISIBLE TRAPS & TESLAS December 13, 2015 Some members of this forum doesn't know how to do this trick just because they aren't familiar on browsing their...