love triangle

A love triangle or eternal triangle is a scenario or circumstance, usually depicted as a rivalry, in which two people are pursuing or involved in a romantic relationship with one person, or in which one person in a romantic relationship with someone is simultaneously pursuing or involved in a romantic relationship with someone else. A love triangle typically is not conceived of as a situation in which one person loves a second person, who loves a third person, who loves the first person, or variations thereof.Love triangles are a common narrative device in theater, literature, and film. Statistics suggest that, in Western society, "Willingly or not, most adults have been involved in a love triangle."The 1994 book Beliefs, Reasoning, and Decision Making states, "Although the romantic love triangle is formally identical to the friendship triad, as many have noted their actual implications are quite different ... Romantic love is typically viewed as an exclusive relationship, whereas friendship is not."

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    Love Triangle </3

    Yung best friend ko pong lalaki na (silahis) nag kagusto sa ka M.U. ko nahulog ang loob nya dahil sa text. Need ko po advice (seriously) Unang una po sa lahat nag papsalamat ako kay Bro xSilent sa advice nya sakin sa FB. Ngayon ko lang i-pupublic.