Linus, a male given name, is the Latin form of the Greek name Linos. The origin of the name is unknown although the name appears in antiquity both as a musician who taught Apollo and as a son of Apollo who died in infancy.

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    Edward snowden linux os privacy revealed...

    Yan pala ginagamit ko pag nag susurf ako sa deepweb tas Privacy pa nyahahahaha... Link: Special Lodi Visitor: PesteM DiabolicaE Captain Underpants ravage Lodi: @-Ateh- __SaD__ sad daw siya :( Kegolotog KAMEHAME PHC-Dan cutemedievil PHC-Demi2k10 Serenitylove...
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    Closed 10 Mistakes That Make You Sound Like a Rookie Linux User

    If you’ve chosen to learn Linux to use as your operating system, you’ve made a great choice! There’s a lot to learn about Linux, and if you want to make the most use out of the open source operating system, it’s important to learn and improve! But how can you tell when you’re not a rookie...