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A like button, like option, or recommend button, is a feature in communication software such as social networking services, Internet forums, news websites and blogs where the user can express that they like, enjoy or support certain content. Internet services that feature like buttons usually display the number of users who liked each content, and may show a full or partial list of them. This is a quantitative alternative to other methods of expressing reaction to content, like writing a reply text. Some websites also include a dislike button, so the user can either vote in favor, against or neutrally. Other websites include more complex web content voting systems, for example five stars or reaction buttons to show a wider range of emotion to the content.

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    Closed Ehi and eproxy for heavy downloader..

    Heavy downloader kb? Well eto baka gusto mo.. Eproxy file... Ehi file... 200kbps up to 600kbps ang itinatakbo niya kung quadcore ang cp.. Ewan ko lang sa dual core pababa..
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    Closed share ko lang boss bypass 800 limit for globe

    share ko lang boss bypass 800mb limit for globe 1. Connect your MyGlobe Tattoo Stick to your laptop/computer then go to your Globe Tattoo Dashboard and create a new profile. You can do this by going to Settings} Dial-Up} Profile Management} New Profile} and input the following details: Profile...
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    Share free call and text any country

    share ko lang po free call and text sa kahit anung bansa try nyo nalang po kung working sa inyo skin po kase working eh need feedback.. here is the link: :*****::*****::*****::*****::*****::*****::*****:
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    Smart TNT Sun Share 1 new config for hss vpn

    Mga boss share ko lang ung config na gamit ko..naka notepad po yan copy paste nyo nalang sa mga config nyo..hinay hinay lang ha kase dami ng spy ng smart..lahat ng nilalabas na config kinakatay..kaya ito muna nilabas ko..:whistle::whistle::whistle: note: need ko ng feedback nyo para malaman ko...