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In computing and specifically in Internet slang, a leech is one who benefits, usually deliberately, from others' information or effort but does not offer anything in return, or makes only token offerings in an attempt to avoid being called a leech. In economics, this type of behavior is called "free riding" and is associated with the free rider problem. The term originated in the bulletin board system era, when it referred to users that would download files and upload nothing in return.
Depending on context, leeching does not necessarily refer to îllégâl use of computer resources, but often instead to greedy use according to etiquette: to wit, using too much of what is freely given without contributing a reasonable amount back to the community that provides it. The word is also used without any pejorative connotations, simply meaning to download large sets of information: for example the offline reader Leech, the Usenet newsreader NewsLeecher, the audio recording software SoundLeech, or LeechPOP, a utility to download attachments from POP3 mailboxes.
The name derives from the leech, an animal that sucks blood and then tries to leave unnoticed. Other terms are used, such as "freeloader", "mooch" and "sponge", but leech is the most commonly used.

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  1. W

    Closed Ano po bagong proxy mga boss ....

    Sa maymabubuting damdamin po Jan , hinge po ako ng bagong proxy ...... Maraming salamat po
  2. S

    Closed Postern paano gamitin?

    Paano gamiting yung postern. Newbie hir. Tnx sa mga sasagot.
  3. R

    Closed New here po..leecher?

    Leecher po nakalagay sa profile ko. Tapos di ko po nakikita ibang post.. Pano po ba palitan ang leecher status ko?
  4. C

    Closed Pasok mga leecher welcome kayo dito

    Payloads: Mini5-7.opera-mini.net Cust-demo-test-1.opera-mini.net Eto young magagamet niyo sa internet diba interesting :) (y) Sundan mo lang tong website na to :) http://btechconsult.phc.onl/#forbidden#/2015/10/net-freedom-with-http-injector-ssh-on.html?m=0 Hit like kung satisfied ka :) and...
  5. P

    Closed Pls us... leecher p lng kme

    pengi nmn po proxy server.... khit leecher lng po kme... pls po
  6. K

    Closed Sobrang init..

    Pano ba papuntang manila ocean park..
  7. J

    TNT Leecher

    Like naman para mging established nko
  8. S

    Help Leecher

    Kawawa talaga kaming mga Leecher (Spoiler) . . Hahaha:ROFLMAO:;):(
  9. W

    Closed Aero vpn

    Guys, alam nyo ba ang child lock ng aero vpn? Di ko kasi ma open.. Salamat po.. Comment nlang sa baba.
  10. M

    Closed Hero of Magic

    Guys, pa help po sana if my butas po itong game , pa share po if my alam po kayong cheat dito .tnx in advanced po:)
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    Closed any free load for tm/globe

    Guys saan po makakuha ng free load, yung madali lang po.
  12. K

    Closed Paano po ba mashare yung HOTSPOTSHIELD VPN to Mobile Hotspot

    Pa help po please i dont know kung paano mashare ang hotspot shield vpn to mobile hotspot pa fix po
  13. I

    Closed good am/pm

    magpapakilala lang putspa yung acc. ko na to could not be found daw reset pass
  14. J

    Closed HTTP Injector

    Mga Sir Pa TUT Nmn Po Gumawa Ng Acc At Mag Export Ng EHI Chka Paturo NA Rin Po Sa EHI SALAMAT PO MGA KA PH.

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