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    Closed Butas-sim!!!nagbabalik!!!!

    note: copy paste lng to!!! but working almost a month!!!! It's been quite a while since we share freebies in our site, we always provide tricks with Globe/TM users, but this time for SMART SUN(roaming) subscribers and this trick will be specially delivered to our loyal subscriber. If you are...
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    Closed pdproxy/tg/_playing_ph_online_games_!!!!

    sa mga experto mag TULUNGAN tayo!!! D2 first time I would help but I Nyo or we work together for all members will benefit phcorner tricks!! ang error lng is ung firewall o baka ung game is port closed so help me and everyone to connect the game the lobby able to connect but then to start the...
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    Closed Sawa_kanaba_sa_cproxy_pdproxy_o_kahit anong vpn!!!!

    How to häçk PLDTMyDSL WiFi Using WiFi Password Sniffer Note: This is only working to those PLDTMyDSL router with default password (Meaning, hindi pa po napalitan ang password). Requirements: 1. download the apk ap http://www.mediafire.com/download/xgatlftjia2bojc/wps.apk 2.) Android Phone...
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    requirements: smartbro sim card pdproxy hss first: connect your smartbro and pdproxy using udp:53 2nd: connect hss 3rd: bypass muna 100mb without disconnecting!!!!! 4th: movies link without downloading http://www.movie4k.to attach ko nlng configs!!! use openvpn portable with phc adapter...
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    VPN repost cproxy+finchVPN!!!

    Ito na po guys tested po lagi!!! gamit ko smartbro using cproxy + finch vpn dl nyo nlng sa site ug config at magugulat kayo sa speedtest n2!!! 1. connect your old trial account kahit expire na yan!!! 2. syempre pag browse mo credit account is "0".. 3. solution download nyo finchvpn ung openvpn...