El Alma Joven... (English: The Young Soul) is the debut studio album by Juan Gabriel, released in 1971.

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    S·T·S Sts no load para sa lahat ( not scam try it now)

    lodi bells hito napo wan for ol, ol.4 wan hahaha download now and ph later yang nasa baba tapos new version galing playstore hc ko.
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    ehi GTM ehi no load fresh na fresh

    3 days lang po tayu, pag ayaw mag connect just flight mode hanggang sa makapasok malakas po ito promise. open for all po ito just feedback if working sa inyu ah note: just flight mode if you cant connect and try to start again until you will connected. 2 option effective on/off nyu lang...
  3. J

    ML bountry hunter / star wars

    guys try ntin to mamaya july 17. using Ha ni sir bountry hunter after na claim c star wars special thanks to
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    ehi STS Pinaka malakas na ehi sa boung mundo no load(repost)

    permission to repost admin and also credit to sir joven ang pinaka malakas. pa support sa PPD nya mga lods Server 1 Server 2 Server 3
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    ehi (sts)Pinakamalakas na ehi config no data deductions

    credits to sir Joven grabe ang lakas talaga ng kanyang config sobukan nyu . support nyu din yung ppd niya mga lods. click it:
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    Closed Hi guizzz . bago lng here help po

    Hi guizzz.. bago lng po ako here. Sna ma help nyo ako , paano mag post message sa feed ko? Thanks po Thanks for phc.for coming here
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    hello :)

    sorry di ko alam kung anu ggwin d2 . newbie lng po kc :) tnx for understand :)