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    Help Tanong ko lang sa pldt

    mga bossing ask ko lang dito kasi sa office my modem na disconnected na modem ng pldt ang tanong ko meron ba ito wifi extended para connect ko lang sa wifi ng kabila namin office para gumana ulit po ito modem
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    Closed Pano po maging established

    Please help me mag tiya2 ga ako
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    Closed Hehehefry

    Hello Sa inyo
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    For All

    The Master never said, "Come to me all you who are indolent and all who are dreamers." But he did many times say, "Come to me all you who labor, and I will give you rest-- spiritual strength."
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    Is Virtual Assistance in the Philippines the new job demand of foreigners?

    Off season for teachers, off the trend for nurses and now coming in the vogue is virtual assistance? Virtual assistance is getting a high demand these days as internet is becoming the way of doing business. Even CNN and foreign TV News are catching the blossoming popularity of it and of...