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    Closed Looking for globe load

    mga tol? kung sa smart ay pede kang maka earn ng load, sa Globe din ba meron? sana nga meron...gumagamit ako po ng OpenVpn for gaming..kaso lakas ng Ping eh always dc or di kaha mag lalag kung openmic sa ROS o kahit naka off at low graphics na...lag at dc kung makakaearn man ng...
  2. J

    Closed Help!!

    Plss help me mga master. marerecover pa kaya pag nasira ung exposed installer? Bigla kasi nasira yung memory card ko tas ayun naginstall ako ulit ng xposed ayaw na gumuna. Anu po ba maaaring gawin mga master? advance thank you na po sa makakatulong ^_^
  3. E

    Closed Remote proxy new update

    Remote Proxy New Update Singapore server Enjoy
  4. M

    Closed Sun proxy pahingi sa may gusto lang

    GUYS sinong meron bagong proxy sa sun...? KASE not working na sa area namin yong ginagamit ko ehh... PANGI sa may gusto lang... salamat!!!!!
  5. M


    Check this out guys! Grab now habang meron p. Download the attached file.
  6. J

    hi. :)

    hello sa lahat bago pa po ako dito ... thank you sa pag accept po ^_^
  7. R

    Tutorial Free/unlimited surfing using smart buddy:)DL included

    Sa mga HSSL na ayaw magconnect using smart buddy sim... ito po muna alternative solution... pde parin po tayo masurf using magic ip at fastest DNS without HSS.. go to taskbar searchbox at itype ang ncpa.cpl choose network connection that u currently connected ryt click>properties>IPV4>and...
  8. S

    Closed NEW!!! Unlock ZTE SmartBro...

    unlocking your SmartBro ZTE Mf190 Prepare the following files: a. QPST Setup file - b. dl_mf190s_eti_eg_euv1.00.00 - c. ZTE MF190 Movistar ES - d. original SmartBro MF190 files (Note: hindi na kailangan ang "DL_MF190_BLN_RU_EUV1.00.00" file, "Movistar ES firmware" will be good enough. Also...

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