Jek people ( also spelt Jeks, Jeklilar (Azerbaijani: Ceklilər), Jack or Dzhek people) are a Northeast Caucasian ethnic group in Azerbaijan. The Jeks are one of the numerically small Shahdag peoples. The Jeks are a part of the Shahdag group of Dagestani people, and inhabit the northeast of the Azerbaijan Republic and Shahdag plateau of the Great Caucasus. The historical motherland of the Jeks is the Jek village of Quba Rayon, and their native language is Jek language, of the Northeast Caucasian family.The Jek people are Sunni Muslims.

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    Closed me

    ang gnda ko un lng :))
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    Help Newtwork 34

    good evening guys pano ba maghanap ng mac address for network 34? tnx! :)
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    salamat mga boss idol ko talaga kayo hehe
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    San po ba ililike para ma dl ung file?

    please help di ko po na download ung file eh.