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Vee-Jay Records is an American record label founded in the 1950s, located in Chicago and specializing in blues, jazz, rhythm and blues and rock and roll.
The label was founded in Gary, Indiana in 1953 by Vivian Carter and James C. Bracken, a husband-and-wife team who used their initials for the label's name. Vivian's brother, Calvin Carter, was the label's A&R man. Ewart Abner, formerly of Chance Records, joined the label in 1955, first as manager, then as vice president, and ultimately as president. One of the earliest African American-owned record companies, Vee-Jay quickly became a major R&B label, with the first song recorded, the Spaniels' "Baby It's You," making it to the top ten on the national R&B charts.

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    Closed Ndi makatxt

    Ptulong nag redeem po ako sa freenet nag regular 50 sa sun nd ko mkpag reg. Na block na ako ni sun mron na ako 150 balance ni roaming ko???
  2. K

    Closed Fresh proxy
  3. J

    Closed Need nêtflïx or iflix account

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    Closed Uc browcer

    share naman po kayo ng setting sa uc. yon lang po kc ang pwede da cellphone ko. maraming salamat po
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    Closed Postern working 12mn to 6am

    Guys. na try nyo ba postern working sa oras na yan? using vpnest server
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    Closed Working payload for gtm

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    Closed Pa help naman??

    Mga Guys!!!! Ma Root Ba Ang Cloudfone g004e Android 4.4.2
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    Mawawala na sana kayo mga spy sa mundo

    Bakit ba kayo nangingi-aLam mga bweser kayOng,,
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    Closed Newbie..need help

    Phelp po ako pnu mgkafree internet s android using tm.salamat
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    Closed pa help po sa spotify premuim

    mga kua pahinge namn ng account sa spotify yung premuim po salamat
  11. P

    im a great player of basketball and games internet addict ...

    helo everyone hope i can be ur all friends :) i really love computers and also about häçking hehehe
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    samsung corby 2

    hellow po! ask ko lang po sana kung ang samsung corby java or symbian po ba? anong mod po ba para d2? patulong naman po! tnx!

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