Japanese (日本語, Nihongo, [ɲihoŋɡo] (listen)) is spoken natively by about 128 million people, primarily by Japanese people and primarily in Japan, the only country where it is the national language. Japanese belongs to the Japonic or Japanese-Ryukyuan language family. There have been many attempts to group the Japonic languages with other families such as the Ainu, Austroasiatic, Koreanic, and the now-discredited Altaic, but none of these proposals has gained widespread acceptance.
Little is known of the language's prehistory, or when it first appeared in Japan. Chinese documents from the 3rd century AD recorded a few Japanese words, but substantial Old Japanese texts did not appear until the 8th century. From the Heian period (794–1185), there was a massive influx of Sino-Japanese vocabulary into the language, affecting the phonology of Early Middle Japanese. Late Middle Japanese (1185–1600) saw extensive grammatical changes and the first appearance of European loanwords. The basis of the standard dialect moved from the Kansai region to the Edo region (modern Tokyo) in the Early Modern Japanese period (early 17th century–mid 19th century). Following the end of Japan's self-imposed isolation in 1853, the flow of loanwords from European languages increased significantly, and words from English roots have proliferated.
Japanese is an agglutinative, mora-timed language with relatively simple phonotactics, a pure vowel system, phonemic vowel and consonant length, and a lexically significant pitch-accent. Word order is normally subject–object–verb with particles marking the grammatical function of words, and sentence structure is topic–comment. Sentence-final particles are used to add emotional or emphatic impact, or form questions. Nouns have no grammatical number or gender, and there are no articles. Verbs are conjugated, primarily for tense and voice, but not person. Japanese adjectives are also conjugated. Japanese has a complex system of honorifics, with verb forms and vocabulary to indicate the relative status of the speaker, the listener, and persons mentioned.
The Japanese writing system combines Chinese characters, known as kanji (漢字, 'Han characters'), with two unique syllabaries (or moraic scripts) derived by the Japanese from the more complex Chinese characters: hiragana (ひらがな or 平仮名, 'simple characters') and katakana (カタカナ or 片仮名, 'partial characters'). Latin script (rōmaji ローマ字) is also used in a limited fashion (such as for imported acronyms) in Japanese writing. The numeral system uses mostly Arabic numerals, but also traditional Chinese numerals.

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    Help Japanese language @bot

    Bot marunong ka ba mag japanese??
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    Animation The First Slam Dunk (2022) 1080p BluRay AV1 Opus English Subbed

    THE FIRST SLAM DUNK 2022 ‧ Sport/Drama ‧ 2h 4m The Shohoku High School basketball club faces a match against Sannoh High School at the inter-High. The achievements that each member has earned, the past that they carry and various thoughts collide violently on the court. About AV1: AV1 is a...
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    Help Japanese language

    sino sa inyo ang nag aaral ng japanese language ??
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    Course Japanese Course

    Baka po meron kau marerecommend na website or tutorials and courses na madali lang sundan? Thanks
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    Animation Maboroshi (2024) English Subtitle 720p HD - 1080p FHD

    Maboroshi (2024) Release date: 15 Jan 2024 Runtime: 111 minutes Country: Japan Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Animation Director: Mari Okada Hidden content LIKE & FOLLOW LUUFFYY :)
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    Help Baka merun kayo japanese material

    Baka meron kayong basic Japanese language learning materials salamat in advance po
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    Foreign Music City Pop Japanese 80s Music Playlists

    City pop is a genre of music that was popular in the 1980s, particularly in Japan. The genre is known to be upbeat (typical 80's music) in nature and is usually paired with retro visuals and sampled into future funk, lo-fi and vaporwave songs, all of which are best known for their aesthetic...
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    Help Help Japanese series

    Help po Japanese drama series Title: The Greatest Teacher Wala akong mahanap na dl sites
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    Best Japanese live-action anime sa tingin nyo?

    Man, live action Yu Yu Hakusho was disappointing. Rurouni Kenshin pa rin yata favorite live-action anime ko. What about you guys?
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    Thomas Michel Method Japanese Audio & Genki Integrated Course 2nd Edi.

    this is how to speake japanese and include a genki 2nd edition how to approach japanese on manner way and simple structure of sentense. Thomas Micher Method japanese Audio and Genki Integrated Course 2nd Edition https://shrinkme.info/Japanese_language_genki DK: tstvtBoVngl2ZsKO-eopQQ
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    LF Anime Sites

    Hi mga bhie! Beke nemen. 🥹 May alam ba kayong anime sites na may unc*ns*red na anime? Ban2t kasi kapag pinuputol yung iba eh, di ko ma-gets yung storyline. TY mga bhie. 😘
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    Help Japanese app?

    Hello sino may alam na magandang app learning japanese yung offline sana ?
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    Hi guys, baka may alam sainyo how to change SONY TV KV-25DA65 from Japanese to English hindi kasi makita sa menu ginamit kona din Google Translate.
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    baka po may link po kayo ng one piece live action japanese dub pa send po sana link para mapanood ko po sa tv pag kase dual audio di nalipat yung audio sa japanese pag sa tv thank you po sa magsesend ng link, yung sa kissasian pala na copy japanese dub kaso hindi full screen nagiging half lang...
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    MLBB Japanese Voice

    Alam ko madami na nakakaalam neto pero share ko lang malay niyo naman wala pang may alam. Hidden content
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    Crowdsourcing: Japanese Langauge Learning

    Mga paps Baka meron kayong basic Japanese language learning materials po. Pwede makisuyo. Thank you in advance.
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    [EPUB] Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life - Héctor García, Francesc Miralles (2017) [Google Drive]

    Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life Héctor García, Francesc Miralles INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER • 1.5 MILLION+ COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE “Workers looking for more fulfilling positions should start by identifying their ikigai.” ―Business Insider “One of the unintended—yet...
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    Tutorial Learn Japanese From English Beginner Course Targeting JLPT November 2022

    Learn Japanese From English Beginner Course Targeting JLPT November 2022 Size: 234MB Learn Japanese from English. Learn Japanese from Beginning - Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji Student will get clear understanding for Kanji Student will able to pronounce words in Japanese Student will be able to...
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    Help IRODORI Japanese course

    Mga maw may way po ba para mag 100% dito ka agad sa course nato need lang kasi ipasa sa subject namin
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    Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Workbook I

    The most highly regarded teaching text book on the Japanese language. This is the companion workbook to the text. In Japanese/English. File Size: 38.19MB Download Here: Dropden - Free File Hosting
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    List of Japanese horror movies, according to Letterboxd

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    LF Talent Looking for native Japanese/Nihongo speakers for a ρáíd speaking program

    Hello, everyone. Is there anybody here who speaks Japanese natively and understands English and would like to participate in our little ρáíd program? It does not matter where you are from in the world. All you need to do is speak Nihongo multiple times a day, lasting a total of 15 minutes per...
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    Direct Link Suzume (2023) 1080p HD hardsub HDTS x264 Dual

    Suzume (2023) 1080p HD hardsub HDTS x264 Dual Rate: 7.8/10 Genre: Animation,Adventure Suzume, 17, lost her mother as a little girl. On her way to school, she meets a mysterious young man. But her curiosity unleashes a calamity that endangers the entire population of Japan, and so Suzume embarks...
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    Help Baka may pdf po kayo na Filipino to japanese .

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    Serious inquiry: Meron bang native Japanese/Nihongo speaker dito?

    If oo, saan mo natutunan magsalita ng Japanese/Nihongo?
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    Referral Speak Japanese natively, utter words per day, and get ρáíd!

    Hello, everyone. Is there anybody here who speaks Japanese natively and understands English and would like to participate in our little ρáíd program? It does not matter where you are from in the world. All you need to do is speak Nihonggo multiple times a day, lasting a total of 15 minutes per...
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    What's your name in Japanese <3 ?

    what your name?🥰 Share mo naman <3
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    Direct Link Japanese TripMix - DJ Lawliet

    Midnight Party 🎇🎉🎉 DJ Lawliet Present Japanese Tripmix Link: Hidden content - - - - Enjoy 🥳 #PioneerDJ
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    Japanese PM vows to raise childcare leave benefits

    TOKYO: Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida vowed on Friday to increase childcare leave benefits in a bid to reverse the East Asian country's plummeting birth rate.Kishida told a news conference that the next six to seven years would be Japan's last chance to reverse its declining birth trend...
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    Help Help Japanese Language course

    Hello po! Baka may alam po kayo na Course na japanese language or mga link for free para ma download, dikopo kase afford yung sa mga udemy hehe. thanks a lot.
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    Foreign Music Share ko Lang

    https://youtu.......be/8ezdQAcc68M Ganda ng Cover. Hidden content
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    A massive rusty orb washed ashore a Japanese beach

    A massive rusty orb washed ashore on a Japanese beach, sparking speculation as to what it really was (Aliens? Robots? Interdimensional Travelers?) and of course the answer is boring: officials X-rayed it, and determined the orb was just a big buoy. credit: IGN
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    Hi, i'm new here, i'm Masa haf japanese and haf pinoy hehe

    Hi, i'm new here, i'm Masa haf japanese and haf pinoy hehe Nice to meet you all
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    Ano mga favorite nyong Japanese Songs?

    Nagsasawa nako sa mga songs sa playlist ko. Ano mga fav nyong Japanese Songs. Baka magustuhan ko.
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    Tutorial Japanese Language

    Here is one of the best Japanese tutorial in yt. I hope you like it. https://phc.onl/#forbidden#/rGrBHiuPlT0
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    Help about Japanese Author Books

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    Japanese Speakers-IT/Engineer Positions

    Japanese Speaking: - Application Developer -Experience Front End - Infrastructure Specialist -System Administration SAP ABAP Developer Full Stack Java Developer Data Engineer-Big Data - Project Manager-ADM - SAP Finance Specialist ***Kahit basic Japanese/conversational pm
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    Gungrave G.O.R.E VER.53106 + 2 DLCS (FitGirl)

    Genres/Tags: Action, Shooter, Japanese, Third-person, 3D Gungrave G.O.R.E is a stylish third-person action shooter by South-Korean Studio IGGYMOB in which you take on the role of Grave, a gunslinger of resurrection and badass anti-hero of your dreams, mowing down tons of enemies in a gory...
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    Help Japanese movie downloading site

    Mga paps. san ba pwedeng mag download ng japanese movies? Salamat po.
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    Closed Ok napo. Thank you

    Ma'am/Sir ano title ng kantang ito?salamat po
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    A Guide to Reading and Writing Japanese - Fourth Edition.pdf 12.25 MB

    2nd drop ng Japanese Learning Materials Hidden content Enjoy learning mga lods 😍 First drop: https://phcorner.net/threads/complete-japanese-grammar-practice-makes-perfect-pdf-12-84-mb.1491238/
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    Complete Japanese Grammar - Practice Makes Perfect.pdf 12.84 MB

    Heto na po, first drop ng Japanese language learning materials. Dagdagan ko pa kung sisipagin pa ako. Hidden content May mga nauna na po akong threads sa Korean naman, 2 pdfs. Nasa timeline ko ang link. 2nd drop ng Japanese language learning materials...
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    JP_Minna No Nihongo 1

    JP_Minna No Nihongo 1
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    Tutorial HOW Learn Japanese

    Getting started What is needed Anki software/app Anki decks Where to download Anki software/app? Where to download Japanese Anki Flashcards Decks? Note: You need to import the downloaded decks to use it Which decks should I use? ? 1. Kana mnemonics 2. Core Vocabs, Kanji Vocabs...
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    Direct Link BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls (Japan Ver.) [Flac 24 Bit / 48khz]

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    Direct Link BLACKPINK - How You Like That (Japan Ver.) [Flac 24 Bit / 48khz]