Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal (; Swedish: [ˈjʏ̂lːɛnˌhɑːl]; born December 19, 1980) is an American actor. Born into the Gyllenhaal family, he is the son of director Stephen Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Naomi Foner; his older sister is actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. He began acting as a child, making his acting debut in City Slickers (1991), followed by roles in his father's films A Dangerous Woman (1993) and Homegrown (1998). His breakthrough roles were as Homer Hickam in October Sky (1999) and as a psychologically troubled teenager in Donnie Darko (2001).
Gyllenhaal starred in the 2004 science fiction disaster film The Day After Tomorrow. He played Jack Twist in Ang Lee's 2005 romantic drama Brokeback Mountain, for which Gyllenhaal won a BAFTA Award and was nominated for an Academy Award. His career progressed with starring roles in the thriller Zodiac (2007), the romantic comedy Love & Other Drugs (2010), and the science fiction film Source Code (2011). Further acclaim came with his roles in Denis Villeneuve's thrillers Prisoners (2013) and Enemy (2013), and he received nominations for the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performances as a manipulative journalist in Nightcrawler (2014) and a troubled writer in Nocturnal Animals (2016). His highest-grossing release came with the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero film Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), in which he portrayed Quentin Beck / Mysterio. He also had lead roles in Wildlife (2018), Velvet Buzzsaw (2018), The Guilty (2021), and Ambulance (2022).
Gyllenhaal has performed on stage, starring in a West End production of the play This Is Our Youth and Broadway productions of the musical Sunday in the Park with George as well as the plays Constellations and Sea Wall/A Life, the lattermost of which earned him a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play. Aside from acting, he is vocal about political and social issues.

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    Jake Zyrus Copyright Issue

  2. C

    Perry the platypus vs Jake the dog

    Perry activates "Phineas and Ferb's Ultimate Contraption", a device that grants him the powers of all fictional characters in existence. Jake transforms into "Cosmic Shapeshifter Supreme", allowing him to transform into any form imaginable. Perry uses "Universe Bender's Havoc Blast", causing...
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    Jake at Charice

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    Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz DAZN

    makakipanood lang po sana. request po iptv link. thanks
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    Tutorial Jake Paul VS Nate Diaz

    Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz, billed as Ready 4 War, is an upcoming professional boxing contest between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz. The bout is scheduled to take place on August 5, 2023 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Hidden content
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    Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul?

    YøùTùbér-turned-boxer Jake Paul and ex-UFC fighter Nate Diaz will meet in a boxing match on Aug. 5 in Dallas, organizers said.
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    Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury [Full Fight] 1080p WEB-DL AAC [BT Sport]

    Description: Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury 02-26-2023 WEB 1080p TS AAC - BT Sport Source: WEB Video Quality: Excellent Audio Quality: Excellent Language: English Entrances: yes Intros: yes Between rounds: yes Post Interviews: yes Hidden content
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    Did You know? Your Gmail Account Has Unlimited Addresses By Jake Peterson

    For example, if my Gmail address were jake@gmail.com, I could type jake+lifehäçker@gmail.com, or jake+gomedia@gmail.com. The service you’re using that email with will think it’s an entirely new address, but any emails to that address will still be sent to your inbox. This works for any Gmail...
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    BOXING STREAMS: Vasyl Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz & Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva

    https://r e d d i t . i stream2watch.com/boxing-streams/ Just remove the spaces. Thanks, Kiven
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    Closed Ovpn modem

    Good day Hi guys Ask ko lang po kung sinu nkaka encounter po ng ganito.. Connected naman po sia sa modem ko ovpn pero ung sign po ng wifi nia hndi at wlang internet paanu po gagawin nito Maraming salamat po
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    Closed Japan server with privoxy pasok.... no nlocking po ito :)

    Open for wifi Block for rooted device With private proxy For tu promo and ctc promo Feedback Like Share to your friends
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    Closed Netflix server for Http injector and Kpn revolution good for 30 days

    Good day! Hi phcorner team Ito po ay handog para sa may mga nêtflïx account, Kayu na po bahala sa netflix account nio Makikiride nalang din sana kung my nêtflïx account kayu hehehe For sun only Ctc tu Server location Singapore Try nio nalang din po sa globe kung working Wag nio na po...
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    Closed nêtflïx server 30 days kayu na bahala sa nêtflïx account

    Good day! Hi phcorner team Ito po ay handog para sa may mga netflix account Makikiride nalang din sana kung my netflix account kayu hehehe For sun only Ctc tu Try nio nalang din po sa globe kung working Wag nio na po gagalawain kung anu ang nka setup sa config lalo na sa custom dns ok...
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    Closed Plan 1799

    8 gb 1 gb feee fb May tanung ako sa mga experts sa vpn jan Pag gagamitan ko to ng vpn pero wla na siang gb na natira at nka surf alert on sia mag coconnect pa din po ba oh hndi na..
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    Closed Dubai vpn

    Tanung lang po mga kaibigan Nasa dubai aq gumagamit ako ng vpn, kaso ng warning ang imbahada nila na pag nahuli gumamit ng vpn makukulong kasi ilegal, ma trace ba ako kung saan ako nka tira oh gumagamit ng vpn? Sa wifi aq nka connect gamit ko own vps Salamat sa sagot sa mga experto
  16. J

    Closed Band 3 100% working

    May nag post na. Nito regarding ito sa no blocking.. Totoo po ito at umabot ako sa 10gb and buhay pa hangang ngyn Credit sa owner nito At nka diskobre
  17. S

    Closed sun

    nakaka vc s fb kahit walang enjictor or vpn na gamit. hindi lang nakaka pag YøùTùbé or what. vc lng sa messenger.
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    Closed no blocking sun prôMo

    Ssl po ang gamit nian facebook base Promo MaraMing salamat... I dont know kung meron ba talaga oh wla sa observation ko parang wla pa naman so far... Share ko lang baka may gusto mag try!
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    Closed Private server for sun prepaid mas malakas pa saninaakala mo. fast connect direct proxy

    Promo needed: Tu50 10 days Tu60 10 days Tu150 30 days Tu200 30 days No blocking No capping Unli internet Ikaw na po mag sasawa Kpn file Injector file Fedback Like Comments Updates Maraming salamat!! Jake tan Phmember
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    Closed Phcorner vpn for sun user only 30 days pasok at masubukan tu50 and up promo needed.

    Phcorner V 0.2 apk https://dropmb.com/download/893582e12376dcaf8b52e59889d5a6a4.html --------------------------------------- ACCOUNT DETAILS --------------------------------------- Username : phcorner Password : vultr2018 Active Time : 30 Days Date...
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    Closed Mas malakas pa sa bagyo at low ping pa ito pasok mag tropang pogi, maiba naman tyu.

    ApkCustom credit to the owner of this apk kung kaninu man ito maraming salamat Download the apk file https://dropmb.com/download/b6b0f4f9804cbf83d92fc16f9b629c6a.html Download and import the file for the apkcustom https://dropmb.com/download/95000e163e63da324fabee78e4e436eb.html Server...
  22. J

    Closed Edmondvpn try nio po malaks po ito pasok

    Dowload nio nalang po ang apk https://dropmb.com/download/0f48f5f974ca58af49f2294c8efe2bc8.html Username:phcorner1 Password:vultr2018 Username:phcorner2 Pass:vultr2018 Mga promo na kaylngan Tu50 and up Pa update nalng po mga paps
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    Closed Bumagal na si araw kayu din ba.

    Pasig area update 5pm bumagal na si sun snu mga nka experience ng ganito
  24. J

    Closed For tu 50 and up promo moded vpn pasok

    Apk file sa gusto lang naman mag download.. injected na ang server nian :) Singapore 1 not for tu promo Singapore 2 only for tu promo Pa na download nionna ag na insatll coment nalamg po kayu Optional po yan mga paps ah.. pwdi rin kayu mag import jan ng darili nio pong config kung mag gusto...
  25. J

    Closed For updating !!!!

    Hndi po ito ssl type ito po ay direct ssh type :) pa fedback nalang mga paps if working Sympre block po ito sa mga rooted devices .. at ito pala ung data usages ko Subukan nio na din po itong eh open sa ehi opener kung kaya nio po eh open hehehehe
  26. J

    Closed Low ping for gaming pasok kayu mga gamers

    See attached file of ok ang ping ng ml nio saakin kasi ok naman 70ms lang Pa download nlang ng ktr file Promo na dapat mka connect Tu20 Tu50 Tu60 Tu150 Tu200 Tu300 Unlimix 20 with 1 unlichat Unlimix 30 all chats are unli with 20min off call Unlimix 60 all chats are unli with 50 min off call...
  27. J

    Closed Sun unlimix promo 20,30,60 100% no blocking

    Itong prmo na ito ang mkakatulong sa inyo... Ung blocking ay nasa Promo Payload Apn Gamit ko now ay unlimix 30 peso with 20min of call ang unli all chats 3days TrusteD and tested 100%
  28. J

    Closed Techno sim reloading for sun

    Sa mga may frend oh may alam na nka tehcno sim jan doon kayu mag papa load may promo sia doo na sun na wla sa suking tindahan 20 pesos lang din sia good for 3days no blocking.. :)
  29. J

    Closed 08.07.18 no blocking payload and promo see attach file

    Good day ito na po sagot sa inyong lahat.. Any promo except tu150,tu200,tu300 Note: open ssl po yan pwdi kayu mag creat your own account para hndi kayu mag siksikan sa isang account :) New promo 20 pesos 3 days Unlimix20,30 Sa mga techno sim retaler lang meron nian. Hni ko sure kung meron sa...
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    Sun My sim no blocking oh swerte lang

    Swerte lang ba talaga ang sim ko oh sadyang hndi talaga sia na ba bablock :) tu promo mo ito ah Own server ko sia
  31. J

    Closed Beta test for ros,mobilegends at iba pang games

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/418egqgx8c3306o/KPN-REV_180724124153.ktr/file Paki try po at paki feedback nalang sa takbo ng server kung mganda po ba oh hndi maramimg salamat :) pa update ako
  32. J

    Closed ( 07.23.2018 )vip server singapore location upto 42 mbps

    Eh babahagi ko sa inyo ang VPS na ito Vip server location sigapore by vultr.com Good for 30 days Good for: Gaming Streaming Downloading Speed test if you want.. Dependi parin yan sa location nio Pa feedback nalang po sa mga nag work sa file na ito Sa gusto mag 1 month chat mo ako...
  33. J

    Closed Blocking for sun

    Good day ka phc... ask ko lang ilang Gb na ngyn bago ma block si sun.. oh meron pa kayang no blocking? Tha ks sa sagot... kaka balik lang ulit kay sun eh. :) Speed ni sun dito saamin hehehehe ung downloadin sa movies 2 min lang
  34. J

    Closed Netflix help

    Good day guys may solution pa ba kah netflix using vpn.. lasi hndi ako mkaka pag streaming pag nka vpn ako.. baka may tricks po kayo maraming salmat
  35. J

    Closed Vip server location singapore pasok first 10 users only..

    At dahil sa mabait ako may VIP server kayung magagamit ngyn.. Ip Address : Username : phjaketan Password : mahalkita Active Time : 7 Days Date Expired : 28 June 2018 Ssl: 443 Dropbear: 109,110,442 Openssh: 22,143 Feedback Like Salamat Ok na ako jan :)...
  36. J

    Closed Non blocking promo proof

    Magandang balita para sa lahat ng mga nka promo.. wla po talaga siamg blocking :) see attach file 3 months ko na din siang nagagamit..
  37. J

    Closed 6.10.18 kumusta blocking nio sa sun.

    Good day.. survey lng muna sa mga sun user... Ilang gb bago kayu n block? Bumabalik p ba after 12 hrs? Oh dead na.?
  38. J

    Closed 6.9.18.updated direct ssh this is it pasok sun user... at matikman ang direct ssh n walng blocking

    Block rooted device Tested 100% Tu promo Fedback nalang po. Good night sleep na ako yan lang po now ma eh babahagi ko.. Credit sa mga boss na nka tuklas nito.. :) Update eh expire mamaya kon eh update ang file thanks work mode muna
  39. J

    Closed Beta test for new fb base payload for tu promo pasok

    Ito na po mga paps ang inaanatay nio.. working po ito 100% Good for 1 day lamg po yan mga paps... beta test ko lang if working na working... kung 100% na ang mga ng update gagawa ako ng for 15 days Feedback Comment Like Ok n ok na ako jan hehehe Update later
  40. J

    Closed Kumusta speed nio sa new paylod!

    Good morning musta speed ng new payload ni sun? Test nio sa testmy.net sa mga may new payload n kay sun...
  41. J

    Closed Connected sun with tu promo is now available

    Good news.. may ng babalik na ps na nakatay na hndi fb base ito.. try this and fedback if working thanks
  42. J

    Closed Ayan sa pasikat jan ah ayan tuloy katay na hahaha oh pasok kayu dito sa mga hndi mka connect

    Pero saakin ok pa naman.. so ayun wla nang mag share ng ps.. bahala na kayu mag hanap ang ma share nalang namin is config nalang Mahirap na kasi ung mga boss dito nag bibigay pero ang ginagawa naman ng iba pinapakatay kaya wag nio sabhain na madamot ang mga boss dito kasi hndi ng bibigay ng mga...
  43. J

    Closed Ovpn experts help

    Good day guys.. paanu po ma eh hide ung config oh ung file na para hndi makita ang laman ng config sa ovpn.. maramimg salmat po.. may nakita kasi ako na ovpn na nka script ata sia.. hndi mo makikita ang payload na ginagamit.
  44. J

    Closed Mga boss at all expert sa mga vps pasok

    Magandang gabi mga boss,pre, paps, at iba pa. :) sa mga expert po jan.. pag yan po ba kukunin ko malaks na po babyan? Maganda na po ba yan para sa cp lang. Salamat sa mga sagot lalo na sa mga experts ja . Hehehe anung advantage nian sa 5$ na droplets.
  45. J

    Closed Domain/dns registar @ name.com expert pasok

    Guys mga boss at mga expert.. anu po ba silbe sa nagawa kung domain name.. sa name.com. nag pay ako mg 15$ for 1 year ung ip ko meron na siang domain name. Ung ip ko is galing kay digital ocean anu po pala gamit ng domain name at napaka mahal... thanks po sa sagot
  46. W

    Closed Lebring asukal

  47. J

    Closed 05.27.2018 smart no load and sun all promo ktr user only with vip server

    For smart no load and with promo vip server ito ug link Pag hndi mka connect sa no load sabahn lamg ako.. para ma update ko thanks. https://www.mediafire.com/file/lfcg14252dqtmw7/no_load_smart.ktr/file For sun all promo vip server ito po ung link...
  48. J

    Closed No load data usages limit 6gb block

    So far so good beta test for ko blocking... Nka 4.5 gb na ako sa talino see attache file.. hndi pa ako na blcok hangang ngyn.. hmmm Sim 1 sun Sim 2 smart Wag nio na tanungin kung no blcokng si sun kasi 100% na no blocking talaga hehehe Nag test lang ako sa smart kung no blocking