ivan cruz

Luis Iván Cruz (born May 3, 1968) is a former professional baseball first baseman and past coach for the GCL Braves in 2018

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    Closed Remote proxies

    baka po mga katulong sa inyo po eto ung mga ginagagmit ko
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    Closed Psiphon settings no cap plsss turuan nyo ko plsss papm po :( ty

    plsss oh hanggang 10 mb lng kc ang kaya di mkapag dl ng big files
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    Closed Newbie mga Idol

    actually dati na aqng member d2 kaso nakalimotan ko ung passwrd ko :D am i welcome mga idol.?? TIA
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    G·TM Go lang ng go""gosurfe999 dial send tricks""

    save to contacts A - *143*1*1*3*5*2*1# 1step"send GOsurfE999 to 8888 Balik sa contacts dial A = :) smile"" save to contacts Aa...
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    G·TM Supersurf999""eto na"

    Cellphone na pwedeng mapagsabay ang text at dial 1. Save this as letter A para madaling madial *143*2*4*2*1*1*1# 2. Create a message SUPERSURF999 send to 8888 Habang nag sesend pa lng, dial niyo agad ang letter A dapat mauna ang message sent b4 matapos ang dial After 1 and half minute...
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    G·TM No interval""no reset time"no waiting for minute""

    jan,28,2013""now lang ako ngbug""pasok agad""medyo nai2ba to"" txt unlialltrio1400 small letter lahat dial agad *143*1*3*2*1# dapat una magrequest ang dial bago mag sent ang txt. Sunod Txt bbmax599 small letter lahat dial agad *143*5*6*4*1*1# dapat una magrequest ang dial bago magsent ang txt...
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    G·TM Jan.28.2013""ultimate revised bugging web and dial tricks working na""

    Hello"" PHC""" members.. Dahil hindi ako mapakali kaya share ko muna itong trick para sa inyo. Nagkaroon ng Kunting Revised sa WEB Trick at Dial trick base doon sa mga naunang tricks na nakita ko dito. So ito.. 1. REVISED WEB TRICK!!! ----> Using 4 tabs a. BBMAX50 b. SUPERSURF999 c...

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