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    Tools Wimaxtool 6.5

    Hallo, i have a wimax 622 package 2011. when i try to mac snipe i set my mac address and random 20. but allways after 1 try comes error. what make i wrong. thx for help
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    Help something new in globe Wimay??????????????

    Hallo, i have a few days a problem to connect my wimax. when i try a new mac then shows in "STATUS" - "WAN" conecting. But in "STATUS" - "WIMAX" shows connected. but i canot in the internet. have globe something changed????
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    Reconnect Motorola Canopy from smart

    hallo, i want connect my motorola canopy from smart. what ip adress have it and how can i enter the canopy? modell nr: 5760 SM first install was july 2009. from mai 2010 up to now was not in use and the contract with smart was delete. thx for help
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    Help unstable mac

    Hallo, i have a vip mac testet in my wimax 622. it connect ca. 15 sec, then disconnect 15 sec, then connect, disconnect allways like this. have also try change the domain to globetel, but then its no more connect. how can i stable this mac? thx in advance Alfred