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    Huawei Wimax Scanset Tweaks Tutorial for Bm622 and Bm622i

    his tutorial show how to tweak Wimax frequency on scanset tab. ( ginagawa eto para mapili alin frequency ang mabilis ang download rate minsan baligtad naman yung upload yung mabilis ) You need to log in as admin user to access scanset panel. Bm622 Bm625 Modem Scanset 1. log in as admin Go...
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    Huawei Wimax BM622i Firewall and DNS Issue Review

    I'm receiving message about BM622i Wimax especially with Package Date 2011 unable to browse https site like Facebook . Having trouble with DNS problem , error message in Internet Download Manager Software (IDM). Some are completely Unable to Browse even the status is connected through internet...
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    Closed BM622i - 2011 Package häçk [Admin Page]

    Login muna as USER Username: user Pass: 0SlO051O Then open tab, eto format after html ilagay nyo ung link na gusto nyong pasukin sa 622i nyo sample : Quote: Admin_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Status')); Admin_0_0 = new...