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The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. These devices use Apple's iOS mobile operating system. The first-generation iPhone was announced by then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007. Since then, Apple has annually released new iPhone models and iOS updates. As of November 1, 2018, more than 2.2 billion iPhones had been sold. As of 2022, the iPhone accounts for 15.6% of global smartphone market share.The iPhone was the first mobile phone with multi-touch technology. Since the iPhone's launch, it gained larger screen sizes, video-recording, waterproofing, and many accessibility features. Up to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhones had a single button on the front panel with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Since iPhone X, iPhone models have switched to a nearly bezel-less front screen design with Face ID facial recognition, and app switching activated by gestures. Touch ID is still used for Apple's currently-produced iPhone SE series.
The iPhone is one of the two largest smartphone platforms in the world alongside Android, and is a large part of the luxury market. The iPhone has generated large profits for Apple, making it one of the world's most valuable publicly traded companies. The first-generation iPhone was described as a "revolution" for the mobile phone industry and subsequent models have also garnered praise. The iPhone has been credited with popularizing the smartphone and slate form factor, and with creating a large market for smartphone apps, or "app economy". As of January 2017, Apple's App Store contained more than 2.2 million applications for the iPhone.

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    Slow Data Connection with Iphone Globe

    Baka may alam kayong troubleshooting jan sa slow data connection Iphone IOS16.0.2 na try ko na restart, turn off background refresh, low data, eject sim. sa tingin ko hindi yung location ang problema, kasi mabilis naman dito sa amin before. Kaninang umaga ko lang napansin na mahina na siya...
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    Closed Freenet for iphone globe user

    p tutorial po ko pra sa globe free net pra po sa iphone thanks
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    Closed Iphone freenet globe ovpn config please

    Ive been searching a lot and everytime i use an ovpn config using "openvpn" it always shows "connection timed out" im sure that my apn is set to globe.com.ph Im using an iphone 5s with globe sim
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    Help Iphone hotspot(usb to pc)(globe)

    Good morning guys. ask ko lang kung anu ang mga need ko gamitin para magkapag internet ako sa pc na walang limit sa CAP na 1GB per day. Meron din po bang free internet ang globe today? THANKS!