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The iPad is a brand of iOS and iPadOS-based tablet computers that are developed by Apple Inc. The iPad was conceived before the related iPhone but the iPhone was developed and released first. Speculation about the development, operating system, and release of the original iPad began in 2002 prior to its introduction on January 20, 2010. The iPad range consists of the original iPad lineup and the flagship products iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.
The iPhone's iOS operating system (OS) was initially used for the iPad but in September 2019, its OS was switched to a fork of iOS called iPadOS that has better support for the device's hardware and its user interface is customized for the tablets' larger screens. The iPad's App Store is subject to application and content approval. Many older devices are susceptible to jailbreaking, which circumvents these restrictions. The original iPad was well-received for its software and was recognized as one of the most-influential inventions of 2010.
As of the third quarter of 2021, iPad had a market share of 34.6%; beside personal use, the iPad is used in the business, education, healthcare, and technology sectors. There are two variants of iPad; one has only Wi-Fi and one has support for cellular networks. Accessories include the Apple Pencil, Smart Case, Smart Keyboard, Smart Keyboard Folio, Magic Keyboard, and several adapters.

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    Help Activation Lock my iPad Air 4 (12.5.6)

    Hello po baka po may makatulong sakin? Binigay lang po ito galing Australia sa kapatid ko pero di na ma remember yung icloud after ko ni reset. Nagagamit ko pa po ito nung diko ni reset. Ni login ko pa nga apple ID ko. Sans po may makatulong ano gagawin ko rito. Thank you po
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    Ipad air 3

    Worth it pa kaya bilhin tong ganitong unit mga paps?
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    Help Ipad Air error 2005 on iTunes during restore.

    Mga boss patulong naman po, yung Ipad Air ng tita ko po is stuck po sa connect to iTunes screen. Na follow ko naman po yung instructions sa iTunes pero ayaw talaga mag update or restore. Palaging error 2005 kahit naka DFU mode na. Na detect naman po ng iTunes yung device pero sa diagnostic ayaw...
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    The iPad Air 5 Has Arrived in the PH; Here's How Much It'll Cost You

    © Provided by Spot.phPHOTO BY Apple © Provided by Spot.phPHOTO BY Apple (SPOT.ph) It’s been nearly a year since Apple released the fifth-generation iPad Pro and switched to using M1 chips—instead of their regular A-series chips—as their iPads' central processor. Now, it seems like Apple’s not...
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    looking for ipad air screen only for renewal for my broken glass

    urgently need lang po nang ipad air glass (black), pm niyo po ako kapag nag bebenta po kayo at nang mapag usapan po ang shipping ang payment #RESPECT
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    Closed Ios online games

    hello mga bossings ano po stable trick for online gaming gamit ko kase ngayon hotvpn pero hindi sya pwede online games. thanks
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    Closed Need help po mga idol

    meron kc akong ipad air and bumili ak ng otg connection kit kapg sinaksak na sa ipad ung warning too much power daw nde mabasa ung flashdrive
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    Closed Ipad air touch screen not responding

    Pahelp po, my ipad touch screen not responding.... sinubukan ko nang magpareplace ng touch panel pero walang nangyari.... dalawang bagong touch panel ang ikinabit pero hindi umobra... ano kaya posibilad ang sira ng Ipad air ko? And saan kaya pwedeng magpagawa kung ano man sira nito...
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    Closed Ipad Air IC replacement

    Kaph, saan pa pwedeng magpagawa ng IC problem ng Ipad Air ko.. Hindi gumagana ang touch screen nya, nagpareplace aq ng touch panel, 2 out of 2 ang hindi gumana.. sabi ng gumawa IC na daw.. please help... Saan ba pwede magpagawa? Ilocos Region pwede rin sa Maynila.. please comment po ang Address..
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    Closed ipad air 2 model A1567

    Mga boss tanung lang po panu po ayusin ipad air nag hang po kc.kahit restore kuna or reset ayaw parin gumana diko po siya ma off.thank you po
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    Closed Ipad/Ipad Mini/Ipad Air Help & Discussions Thread

    Good day phcorner members. I created this thread since many membersasks about how to openline ot jailbreak their phones. Any enthusiast may help other members in need inside this thread. I, myself, too will be willing to help. I'm not an expert about Apple products but I have knowledge how to...