Introduce Yourself is Faith No More's second studio album, released in 1987. Due to the limited availability of the first album, We Care a Lot (until it was re-released on CD years later), many, including the band, once considered this Faith No More's true debut album. Being the group's major label debut, this album features better production than its predecessor, which is most evident on this album's version of the song "We Care a Lot," which also features updated, more topical, lyrics. It was the last album Chuck Mosley appeared on with the band.

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    Help How to introduce the debutant for her grand entrance

    can you provide me script for grand entrance of the debutant
  2. A

    Help Wala akong humor patulong sa introduce yourself?

    Baka po matulungan nyo akong gumawa ng introduction na ichachat sa GC naming buong freshman... Introduction in a creative way po😭 Padelete nalang po kung bawal
  3. D

    Australia to introduce new visa schemes, double scholarships for Filipinos

    Australia to introduce new visa schemes, double scholarships for Filipinos MANILA, Philippines — The Australian government has committed to introducing new work and holiday visa arrangements and providing more international education opportunities for Filipinos to strengthen ties with the...
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    Introduce self

    Hi Guys Greetings, I from Indonesia (Jakarta) My name : ValenSyah Age : 17 Year Gender : Laki (Boy/Lalaki)
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    VPN Calling to all config maker we would like to introduce our newest VPN Simple Socks

    Simple Socks is a highly reliable and professional VPN tool designed to provide you with a secure and private browsing experience while using the internet. It functions as a versatile SSH/Proxy client, encrypting your connection and ensuring that your online activities remain confidential and...
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    Help Introduce yourself

    help po baka may sample po kau for introduce yourself job interview
  7. O

    Hello Phcorner

    Hello all forum staff and member thanks for accepting me here
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    Closed Self-introduction

    My name stated as a ghost who usually lurking on threads. Yes, I'm a lurker with interest in mobile and computer internet related stuff these days. I was a supporter/contributor/moderator in another site but decided to left due to losing the passion on doing it. I'm active in literary, politics...
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    Closed Introduction

    Hi guys! I am new here. I hope to learn many things here.
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    Closed Gamer here!

    Hi my name is Clifford James, I'm currently residing here in America for work pero Pinoy po ako ;) Kumusta po kayong lahat! Sana ay maging masaya ang araw ninyong lahat. God Bless!
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    Closed Hello

    Hello, Im Demi, please be gentle with me. Thank you.
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    Closed Newbie

    Hello name is Van. Im new here sana makatulong sakin ang site na to in the future
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    Closed Hellooo

    Bago lang ako galing lang sa magreretire na forum
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    Closed Introduce myself

    My name is Matthy Velarde. From Quezon City. I just discovered this site on google and it was long time ago, i guess it was 2009 and im looking my wimax configuration because during that time only smart bro and wimax is the best option for the places that is not accessible for wired internet...
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    Closed Hi to all~

    I am introducing myself now isn't it obvious? anyways... Did you know who is founder of this Page? I didn't know and i don't care but thanks a lot to him because without him... there's no PHCorner.NET and you may not reading this and i may not asking this. Actually i don't know what im saying...
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    Closed My first post

  17. K

    Closed About me

    I am mark. I joined this forum to know more about the latest tricks about internet. I am looking forward to learn new things from here and to make friends with you guys also. I am more than willing also to share what I know. Thank you so much and more power admins.
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    Closed Hai, iam xuvaman,

    big thank become a mamber for this group, i hope more knowledge will be found here
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    Closed Newbie here

    hello everyone pa welcome naman po:)
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    Closed Welcome to myself

    Hi I'm Paul John, PJ for short
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    Closed Myself

    Hi, im a newbie apparently.. im ben from surigao norte. High school teacher. Loves music and technology as well. Thank you for this wonderful site where we can find a free net...
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    Closed Hi phcorner

    Hi to all members, I'm blackkids have a good day. Long live ph corner.
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    Closed Bagong kasamahan

    Hello mga kasama! Ako po ay bagong member sa PHC. Ipinakilala po ito sa akin ng mabuti kong pinsan. Nag post lang po ako para madagdagan ang aking post count, at maging Established member. Yun lang po. Great community here!
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    Closed Hello ph corner

    I joined this forum because most files i have to download requires to login and to meet new people as well.
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    Closed Hello!

    Hi po! Winter Lake here! Nice to meet you all!!
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    Closed Hello

    Thank you for allowing me here.
  27. C

    Closed New member

  28. K

    Closed Introduce

    Hi, there !!
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    Closed Introduce

    Luiz Meneses From phcorner forum Live in Parañaque City Rock En Roll..
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    Closed newbie

    pa welcome po mga boss newbie here cellphone & computer tech po ako but im willing to learn more some tricks swordfish31 from general santos city
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    Closed Hi :)

    Be good to me and i'll be good to you :) more power!
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    Closed introduce your self

    hi ph corner i would like to thank to the following emperador lights brandy mangjuan samsung galaxy grandprime duos and all stuff of ph corner and all for you thank you thank you pano magsimula dito pano magpost ng threads any way salamat sa bumobuo ng pc corner marami akong dapat i share dito...
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    Closed Pop Up Samok Introduce daw ako ..

    Oryt rock and roll
  34. F

    Closed hi

    hi. my harold and im 22 years old. salamat po
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    Closed mga taga negros occidental pasok

    introduce your self..
  36. M


    Hi! Newbie. Leecher. Nag-aabang ng MACDONALDS
  37. K

    first time here

    um... my first time here, hope can share and read good post!
  38. T


    hi guys.. im eman from bulacan.. thanks for accepting here..
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    Ralph miguel chan

    Name: Ralph Miguel Chan location: Pasig ***: Male Age: 18
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    Hi I'm kimpoy, mahilig mangalikot ng kung ano ano.
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    Help Kon! :)

    Jiro here... Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
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    hi im KNIFEY

    hi to all in new here hopefully we can help each others out.. :)
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    Newbie here!

    🆕 Hello po! ;) Hindi po ako IT, at hindi din po computer-related ang course ko ngayon. Hehe. Mahilig lang po talaga akong akong mangalikot ng computer at mga gadgets ko. Haha I hope I can contribute here someday, too! (para hindi lang forever ako leecher huhu) Saludo po ako sa mga tao dito na...
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    Introducing myself

    Hi all im Edward, im here to learn something tricks at everything... ty all.
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    Hi all

    Hi everyone, I am new to Trending on PHCorner and very happy to be here.
  46. E


    Hi, New bie here hope I learned how to deal this forum