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Internet2 is a not-for-profit United States computer networking consortium led by members from the research and education communities, industry, and government. The Internet2 consortium administrative headquarters are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with offices in Washington, D.C. and Emeryville, California.As of November 2013, Internet2 has over 500 members including 251 institutions of higher education, 9 partners and 76 members from industry, over 100 research and education networks or connector organizations, and 67 affiliate members.Internet2 operates the Internet2 Network, an Internet Protocol network using optical fiber that delivers network services for research and education, and provides a secure network testing and research environment. In late 2007, Internet2 began operating its newest dynamic circuit network, the Internet2 DCN, an advanced technology that allows user-based allocation of data circuits over the fiber-optic network.
The Internet2 Network, through its regional network and connector members, connects over 60,000 U.S. educational, research, government and "community anchor" institutions, from primary and secondary schools to community colleges and universities, public libraries and museums to health care organizations.The Internet2 community develops and deploys network technologies for the future of the Internet. These technologies include large-scale network performance measurement and management tools, secure identity and access management tools and capabilities such as scheduling high-bandwidth, high-performance circuits.Internet2 members serve on several advisory councils, collaborate in a variety of working groups and special interest groups, gather at spring and fall member meetings, and are encouraged to participate in the strategic planning process.

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    Converge Internet Boost Mode

    Kakareceived and check ko lang ng email from converge na boosted ngayon ang internet ng mga naka fiberx plan. From 100mbps to 300mbps, temporary lang kaya to or normal na? Haha
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    Closed Тυтσяιαℓ | αℓℓ иєтωσякѕ | вσσѕт уσυя иєтωσяк ςσииєςтισи | яσσт | σρєи тσ αℓℓ (иσи-єѕтαв ραѕσк)

    Hello po mga ka PHC. *Do at your own risk. I cannot assure you that this tutorial will work 100%.(I've got no proof to show to you Cause I barely even tried it.) But if you are looking forward to boost your Internet connection, well you can try doing this tutorial. (Wala namang mawawala...
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    Closed Vpn for wifi broadband?

    hello mga boss, ask ko lang kung meron po bang pangboost ng iternet connection? globe broadband tattoo po kasi kami kaso ambilis maubos ng monthly data cap namin kaya laging mabagal net namin... may alam po ba kayo or meron po bang pwedeng gamiting vpn para maboost yung internet speed?? e.g...
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    Closed High speed internet (fixed)

    Psiphon ρrémíùm (UPDATED) You Can Access 7 Country Like ✔United States - Up To 20 Mbps ✔United Kingdom - Up To 14 Mbps ✔Canada - Up To 13 Mbps ✔Japan - Up To 19 Mbps ✔Germany - Up To 12 Mbps ✔Singapore - Up To 18 Mbps ✔Netherlands -Up To 17 Mbps ✔This is The Link⬇ Commision Link Note: This...
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    Closed Internet booster v2

    Blank: Error Code 402
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    Closed Internet booster

    Psiphon ρrémíùm (UPDATED) You Can Access 7 Country Like ✔United States - Up To 20 Mbps ✔United Kingdom - Up To 14 Mbps ✔Canada - Up To 13 Mbps ✔Japan - Up To 19 Mbps ✔Germany - Up To 12 Mbps ✔Singapore - Up To 18 Mbps ✔Netherlands -Up To 17 Mbps ✔This is The Link⬇ Note: This...
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    Closed Internet booster

    Psiphon ρrémíùm (UPDATED) You Can Access 7 Country Like ✔United States - Up To 20 Mbps ✔United Kingdom - Up To 14 Mbps ✔Canada - Up To 13 Mbps ✔Japan - Up To 19 Mbps ✔Germany - Up To 12 Mbps ✔Singapore - Up To 18 Mbps ✔Netherlands -Up To 17 Mbps ✔This is The Link⬇ Note...
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    Closed Windows 10 user

    tanong lang po mga boss kung papaano pabilisin ang internet connection ko at kung sakali man ano po yung settings sa League of Legends para di siya maghang habang nagclaclash ano yung mga process na pwede ideactivate kase bago lang ako sa win10? specs nang pc ko Windows 10 Home Acer Aspire...
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    Closed Simple tricks to speed up internet in your computer 2

    Boost Internet speed with GPEDIT.MSC Credits to: usmankhan261 Hello guys, Welcome once again with a new tutorial that Boost your internet speed with gpedit.msc. Windows uses 20% bandwidth of your internet connection by default in running updates or interrogating your machine. So let's get...
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    Closed Simple tricks to speed up internet in your computer

    Simple methods to speed up internet connection using cmd 1. Speed up Internet with cmd Open command prompt with administrator privileges. If you use Windows 8 read how to open cmd as admin. Other wise follow below steps. Click window (button) +R or type run on search box. You will see...
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    Closed Tips to increase internet speed

    More tricks to increase internet data speed. Use Open DNS using DNS changer App. Or Set to force use LTE only. Hanapin lang dito may Tut na kung papano. E try nyo rin ang tricks na'to to speed up your data. . Para sa non-rooted android device 1# Download and install DNS Changer app. 2#...
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    Closed Data connection booster!! pasok!

    Hi mga kaPHC! Tut lang pano mapabilis ang data connection mo using this app. ☆FOR ROOTED and NON-ROOTED DEVICES☆ ************ Follow this steps: 1. Download Internet Speed Master ( then install. 2. Open the App. then...
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    Closed speedup internet on phone using kali linux

    Kali Linux on any Android Phone or Tablet Getting Kali Linux to run on ARM hardware has been a major goal for us since day one. So far, we’ve built native images for the Samsung Chromebook, Odroid U2, Raspberry Pi, RK3306, Galaxy Note 10.1, CuBox, Efika MX, and BeagleBone Black to name a few...
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    Closed mga idol meron po akong 2 wimax..pwede ko po ba icombined internet conection ko using router??

    gusto ko po sana sila pagisahin para bumilis internet ko..sana po may pumansin..thank..
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    Closed Free sun broadband internet

    Guys pa help naman po nang tricks sa free internet sa Sun Broadband. Thanks in advance!:)
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    Help Help me plss!

    Paano po mapapabilis ang Net na gamit ko... ito po gamit ko PLDT HOME BRO... ma convert po ba into fast gaming ang connection? HELP ME PLSSS
  17. B

    Hello, Im new here

    Hi im just a new forumer and i came here to know more about speeding up my internet. I hope i could pick something that could help me thanks
  18. K

    Thank you! Hello

    newbie here and this is a very helpful site. :)

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