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On the Internet, a block or ban is a technical measure intended to restrict access to information or resources. Blocking and its inverse, unblocking, may be implemented by the owners of computers using software. Some countries, notably China and Singapore, block access to certain news information. In the United States, the Children's Internet Protection Act requires schools receiving federal funded discount rates for Internet access to install filter software that blocks obscene content, ****ography, and, where applicable, content "harmful to minors".Blocking may also refer to denying access to a web server based on the IP address of the client machine. In certain websites, including social networks such as Facebook or editable databases like wikis, users can apply blocks (based in either IP number or account) on other users deemed undesirable to prevent them from performing certain actions. Blocks of this kind may occur for several reasons and produce different effects: in social networks, users can block other users without restriction, typically by preventing them from sending messages or viewing the blocker's information or profile. Privileged users can apply blocks that affect the access of the undesirable users to the entire website.
Blocking is used by moderators and administrators of social media and forums to deny access to users that have broken their rules and will likely do so again, in order to ensure a peaceful and orderly discussion in place. Common reasons for blocking are spamming, trolling, and flaming, or, in the case of wiki sites like Wikipedia, vandalism and other types of disruptive editing. Some criticize cases of the use of bans by administrators of large websites, such as Twitter, saying that these bans may be politically or financially motivated. However, websites have a legal right to decide who is allowed to post, and users often respond by "voting with their feet" and going to a place where the administrators see their behavior as acceptable.

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    Closed Question: paano po ma access yung facebook/YøùTùbé dito sa office? thanks

    Mga boss. Patulong naman o kahit pahingi nalang ng link. Naka block kasi access ng fb tsaka YøùTùbé dito sa office. Thank you po.
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    Closed Proxy

    Mga boss baka may alam kayong mga proxy site. pa share naman thanks
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    Closed Tricks for pc

    kung na block ang site nyo gamitin nyo to...
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    Yes marami tayong tricks how to have cheap & free internet pero once na napasarap na sa pag browse and Download hindi maiiwasang ma block, minsan wala pang half day blocked na agad. is there a way para ma prevent yung SIM from being block kahit heavy downloading. TY.
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    Closed Is my SMART SIM blocked?

    *FULL BAR po SIGNAL NIYAN. Pa help po. Bakit po kaya ganito?! May load pa po yan. :'(
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    Hide Tools Parental Control with ***** and ****** (website and program Blocker, keyStroked Logs,etc)

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