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A rich web application (originally called a rich Internet application, or RIA or installable Internet application) is a web application that has many of the characteristics of desktop application software. The concept is closely related to a single-page application, and may allow the user interactive features such as drag and drop, background menu, WYSIWYG editing, etc. The concept was first introduced in 2002 by Macromedia to describe Macromedia Flash MX product (which later became Adobe Flash). Throughout the 2000-s, the term was generalized to describe web applications developed with other competing browser plugin technologies including Java applets, Microsoft Silverlight.
With the deprecation of browser plugin interfaces and transition to standard HTML5 technologies, rich web applications were replaced with JavaScript web applications, including single-page applications and progressive web applications.

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  1. J

    Closed Converge fiberx worth it?

    Ask ko lang po sa mga masters dyan na naka avail na ng service nila is it worth it compare to PLDT home fibr pros and cons if pwede malaman thank you !! Pawer! Ps: Metro manila Pasig Area po ako Brgy. Dela Paz
  2. R

    Closed Blood security

    Hi guys, new here. Patulong naman sa apk ng bloodsecurity. Can see the link sa old forums.
  3. N

    Closed ⚡ultrasurf beta⚡

    wala ka bang pang net? para pumunta sa PHC CORNER dl muna tuh para may pang dl ka sa phc. FREE internet ..try and tested ko na.. link: NOTE: - working sa ibang area. - if di mag work.. means mahina ang server sa area nyo -beta...
  4. J

    Closed Di ka maka connect kay danger vpn? pasok dito

    Hey I'm back haha nakalimutan ko account ko yung JAVAencrypt haha game na!! Sa mga Hindi maka connect Kay Danger VPN Copy nyo lang to wag hit and run ahh any bayan!game (Danger VPN) Sa ibang lugar kailangan ata ng promo o load 1.punta ka sa Danger VPN 2.on mo data 3.tap mo yung Payload...
  5. A

    Closed Can someone explain me how to connect http injector

    is that I have payload but it always stays in status 200 then I would like to help you or some material to read and to cear a payload q I connect thank you :) [11:38 p.m.] Status: 200 (Connection established) Successful - The action requested by the client was successful.
  6. A

    Closed Can someone explain me a bit about http headers

    porfa if anyone has any material on that comment
  7. R

    Closed Smart prepaid & broadband configs for pc.

    For Desktop/Laptop Lock Payload Unlock SSH And Remote Proxy HTTP Proxy Injector 0.0.8 Download Configs HTTP Net Header 4.0 Download Configs PHCorner Members. :):)
  8. L

    Closed Tanong ko lang?

    Mga paps tanong ko lng po pano po ba at ano po bang app ang pede ilagay sa laptop? ng pang internet po .. Sorry
  9. C

    Closed Bypass office proxy

    pa help naman po, Paano ko po ba pwede ma bypass yung proxy sa office namin ang dami kasing block na mga website, like YøùTùbé etc. Salamat po
  10. B

    Closed Idm 6.28 build 5 w/ ρá†ch april 2017

    - From the official website of IDM - INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER 6.28 BUILD 5 WITH ρá†ch New! Internet Download Manager v6.28. Added Windows 10 compatibility. Fixed compatibility problems with different browsers including Internet Explorer 11, all Mozilla Firefox...
  11. F

    Closed Newbie post

    Help naman po Ano po mga app kailangan para maka access ng free internet for laptop?
  12. M

    Closed Postern capping...

    Mga paps bat ganun yung postern ko working naman sha kaso nag cacapping lang nag sstop sha pag mga 3 minutes na :( kahit naka l4d ping nako at keep alive may solution paba? Salamat...
  13. E

    Closed Help

    how to use http injector po?
  14. K

    Closed Freenet apk

    Mae-enjoy mo na ang LIBRENG INTERNET ACCESS mula sa freenet! It’s the free and fun way to connect! freenet is a portal where you can discover mobile apps and sites you can access for free. FREE Internet FREE ang connection sa lahat ng mobile sites and apps na makikita mo sa freenet. Lahat ng...
  15. B

    Closed How to use ping tool pro (basic tutorial with download)

    How to use Ping Tool Pro (BASIC TUTORIAL) Ping tool helps to verify IP-level connectivity for trouble shooting DOWNLOAD PING TOOL PRO HERE!
  16. D

    Closed Yung astral vpn ba may bayad o wala?

    Hello guys, tanong ko lang sana kung yung astral vpn ba eh may bayad o wala???
  17. A

    Closed Wifi

    Mga boss, pa help po. Paano mag freenet, or tricks sa pocket wifi :(. Help po. Sana mapansin nyu po. Ty
  18. N

    Closed Cafe timer

    Mga boss pahingi nmn ng magandan internet shop timer pra s shop ko.. ty s mga informasyon..
  19. D

    Closed Freenet lite mini 4.0 new update settings working na ulit free internet android phone / tablet "up

    Note: basa muna bago tanong para iwas error - FreeNetLiteMini4.0 ⬇⬇Download Link⬇⬇ FreeNet Lite Mini 4.0 download link ⏬⏬⏬⏬ - -NO need Load or promo - -Version 4.0 - - -Gud for Jellybean, kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow...
  20. Y

    Closed How to creat ehi for globe sim

    pa help naman po panu gumawa ng ehi file sa globe thanks sa mag reply
  21. G

    Closed Best option for internet provider?

    Hello guys, newbie lang po. Ask ko po sana kung ano po ang best option sa mga internet provider lalo na po in TANZA CAVITE AREA and ano pong plan ang maganda 1500 lang po budget. Kung di man po tama Tong thread na pinost ko Sensya na po.
  22. M

    Closed Internet

    Guyz... Anung pinagkaiba ng VPN ρrémíùm sa free VPN sa connection? Kc nakita ko sa fb binibinta nila?
  23. P

    Closed Free Internet Apks

    Share ko lang to mga ka phcorner, this are the collections ng mga links android application na pwede magamit sa free internet. Explore na lang kayo, marami naman settings na nagkalat dito sa website natin. May mga internet applications din dyan name very useful. Enjoy guys. Credit na lang sa...

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