htc one m8

The HTC One (M8) (also marketed as the all-new HTC One) is an Android or Windows smartphone manufactured and marketed by HTC. Following a number of leaks that occurred during the months prior, the device was officially unveiled in a press conference on March 25, 2014, and released the same day by Verizon Wireless at retail, and by other Canadian and United States carriers for online orders prior to its wider retail availability in mid-April.
The device retains a similar design to the preceding HTC One (M7), but features a larger, rounded chassis incorporating a 5-inch 1080p display, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, a depth of field sensor which can be used to individually refocus and apply various effects to the foreground and background elements of photos taken with the device's camera, a higher resolution front camera, improvements to the device's front-facing stereo speakers, expandable storage, new gesture functionality, and a refreshed version of HTC's Sense software. In August 2014, HTC unveiled a software variant of the device running Windows Phone 8.1 instead of Android, aiming to adapt the operating system's experience to the device "[without] any compromises."The device received mostly positive reviews, with particular praise devoted to the design improvements within its hardware and software, and its upgraded internals in comparison to the One (M7). However, some reviewers criticized certain aspects of the device, such as its large bezels, the lack of significant improvements to the main camera's image quality, removal of optical image stabilization, and the inconsistent quality of the effects enabled by the depth sensor.

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    Closed How to root HTC One M8?

    Mga ka PHC. May easy po ba para ma root HTC One M8?. S-On and Bootloader locked pa po. Lahat locked pa talaga. TIA :)
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    Closed Is it possible to recover deleted photos from HTC One M8?

    Hello fellows, The whole system crashed on my phone when I was flashing a new ROM to the device. Now I restored to factory setting but all my data was gone. I have backed my contacts in Gmail so this is not an issue. I need to recover my previous photos from the phone. How could I do to get...
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    How to factory reset or hard reset htc one m8

    Having issues with your Htc One m8? If your device has a persistent problem such as not performing as expected, lags or you need to completely wipe out the phone then a factory Reset or Hard Reset the HTC ONE M8 will solve your problem. Doing a factory reset will revert your phone into its...