HSS Hire Group plc (LSE: HSS) is a supplier of tool and equipment hire in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as being a logistical and technical partner to businesses of all sizes. Operating under the banner of HSS Hire, the group has a network of over three hundred outlets. HSS Hire originated in Kensington, London in 1957. Today, it employs over 2,900 workers, and has a fleet of over eight hundred vehicles.

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  1. K

    Closed unblock sun

    pano po mag unblock ng sun sim ty
  2. P

    Closed Open for all social10

    Social10 send to 247 Gamitan nyo lang ng HSS Hotspotshield latest mod apk link: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/92331d83
  3. X

    Closed Hss elite for pc

    Baka Meron kau tinatago Ng HSS ELITE CR.AckeD na for pc.. Salamat po
  4. X

    Closed Hss *****ed elite

    Baka po Meron ako active HOTSPOT SHIELD *****ED ELITE for pc. Salamat po
  5. J

    Closed Pa help mga paps

    Mga paps help nmn po kung paano mapapalakas signal ko sa tm ....pampanga area po ako.
  6. I

    Closed [pc] free net eproxy injected hss server

    Free net for PC HSS server injected Bandwith limit Any Smart SIM Default APN No Promo Needed hit like and run!!
  7. S

    Closed Hotspot Shield 5.20.23 Elite Edition

    Hotspot Shield 5.20.23 Elite Edition Activation ρá†ch Hotspot Shield VPN offers you much better security and privacy protection than a web proxy. Hotspot Shield VPN encrypts your internet traffic, and enables you to access any blocked or geo-restricted site wherever you are, and more...
  8. T

    Closed HSS December 2015

    repost credits to:jonathan2012 UPDATE 12/13/15: "Hotspot Shield powered by Portable Openvpn" myGlobe Connect configuration Whats new? • More Stable Connection kahit papano kaysa dati. • No bandwith Limit reach notif. • New 9 Hotspotshield Remote Servers added - All Credits to thread starters...
  9. I

    Closed About handler

    Tanong ko lng . Cdc ba mga handler sa inyo? Tulad ng psipon na handler . Kasi nakaka experience ako ng cdc dito mindanao . Ano balita diyan sa inyo? Stable ba handler nyo?
  10. P

    Closed Hotspot Sheild Elite

    Explore niyo nalang ano pang meron diyan.. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yzy0uuz2nrnqcec/hss_elite_sign.apk Credits to ZYBERPH(y)
  11. H

    Closed [VPN] Speed it up with HSS!

    PC Version Download the Application : https://userscloud.com/btmgvzdafrb5 Download the Updated and ***** : https://userscloud.com/prpritz4ckl5 *Note : No need to reboot! Instruction: 1. Install the Setup, once installed proceed to the 2nd rar file. 2. Install the update 2. Once installed, end...
  12. F

    Closed [HSS for PC - TM/Globe] - Good for Browsing Only

    [HSS for PC - TM/Globe] - Good for Browsing Warning: 50kbps max speed lang to haha update ko nalang kahit mahina magamit din to. Instruction: 1. Run Inject Header Surfer(IHS), click start. 2. Connect your Broadband,Pocket Wifi. MGC gamit. change apn to www.globe.com.ph 3. Run as admin HSS VPN...
  13. C

    Closed HSS siphon free internet

    Hey guys nakita ko lang tong app na to sa globe section dito tapos tinest ko sa jump in and TNT sim kala ko HSS talaga yun pala siphon din hehe don't know kung alin mabilis mag connect siphonhui82 o ito? Here are the settings that worked for me Jump in www1.smart.com.ph wap.smart.com.ph...
  14. H

    Closed HSSVpn 2.2.8 Handler UI

    Hotspot Shield Handler (Globe/TM/Smart/Sun/TNT/Smart Bro) Credits to sir Nico Discaya Apn settings For SMART PREPAID / LTE / TALK N TEXT Name : Smart Internet APN : internet APN type : default,supl Proxy : Not set Port : Not set Username : Not set Password : Not set Server : Not set MMSC : Not...
  15. M

    Closed HSS

    ..mga sir bka po pwde mka hingi ng pang ***** ng hss ksi nag bili po ako for 1month kaso lapit na maf expired panu po mdagdagan gawing 1year pa pa help po...
  16. A

    close thread

    . MGA SIR, SORRY po sa abala,,, na Feke lang pala ako, akala ko working na working na, mayload lang pala ako ng 5pesos. SORRY po Talaga ah...:( Back to Cproxy nalang po,,. . . . . . . ..
  17. N

    S·T·S Connected ang dashboard at hss pero no browse pa rin...

    ano po kayang problema ng connection ko? connected po yung dashboard at hss pero no browse pa rin... napasahan ko na po siya ng 2 pesos ayaw pa rin makabrowse! tulong naman po sa nakakaalam ng solution
  18. P

    Help (HSS)help me Blue Screen of Death

    kung I-open ko ang HSS ko ma Blue Screen of Death siya... can anyone help? :)
  19. B

    Closed Hotspot Shield VPN for Android (Working on IPs 10.231-233) 9/14/13

    Hello po sa lahat hihihi, I share this VPN since marami po ang naghahanap ng free VPN para sa Android dito, SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURE: dapat rooted ung device at my installed na openvpn settings. uninstall ung mga previous hss mod na meron sa device. connect using wifi or connect your mobile...
  20. R

    S·T·S [UPDATED!] 5 AU & 5 UK IP's HSS2BRO HSS Client & Portable Client Config 09112013!

    " Share at your own will " Requirements: P.S. - You can try my IP's with Budoys 10.231, 10.232 & 10.233 if it'll work. Note: "Wag po puro download and copy lng. Feedback para alam kung working. Wag solohin, Kaya nga po shini'share." PS: Sa mga taga post sa ibang sites ILOVEYOU! Leech'e...
  21. D

    Need Help Guys!

    Guys, working po saken HSS NEW UK config ni Sir Mimerth. Closed - Hotspot Shield NEW UK config (HSS Elite IP) Pwidi sa 10.231,10.232,10.233 Im using an unlocked Globe tattoo superstick pocket wifi with a smart buddy prepaid sim. Working sya kapag laptop ko ang nakaconnect. However, kapag itouch...
  22. D

    Help Need Help Guys!

    Guys, working po saken HSS NEW UK config ni Sir Mimerth. Im using an unlocked Globe tattoo superstick pocket wifi with a smart buddy prepaid sim. Working sya kapag laptop ko ang nakaconnect. However, kapag itouch 5th gen ko na kumo-connect, di sya makapag bukas ng social networking apps, e.g...
  23. R

    [HOT] HSS OPEN TCP & UDP Remote Ports 090613!

    As of 09/06/2013: - Introducing... -- Compiled Remote Server Open Ports #...
  24. P

    (Tutorial) Download Torrent using HSS

    Download Torrent Files Using HSS Goto Preferences > Connection > Proxy Server > Set to Ito po Proof
  25. G

    Help HSS Blocking phcorner?

    :confused: Ano kaya problema dito? Pag ang gamit ko ay HSS OpenVPN di ako makapunta dito sa phcorner lumalabas yung Hotspot Shield Snapshot :eek:
  26. B

    Help Guys help naman

    Patulong naman guys,, lalo na sa mga master natin dito. may naencounter po kasi ako problem sa pag browse po dito sa phcorner.. gamit ko po ngayon si hotspot shield. free internet po xa kay smart. ito po screenshot.. hope may makatulong sakin
  27. G

    Kahit walang load makakanet ka......

    Sa mga blocked ang sims na SMART...... Punta lang d2..... Smart TNT Sun - [WEB TRICK] Smart ultimate unblocking solution Instructions 1st :Download nyo ang attached files.... 2nd : Install the Tap Adapter 3rd :Run nyo ang Hotspotshield.exe 4th :Connect nyo ang dashboard 5th :Right Click nyo...
  28. D

    Tutorial Hostfile para sa vpn .....

    add nyo lng to sa host file nyo..... malaking naitulong nito sa akin wala ng para di n lumabas si hotshield... share ko lng din the best ang VPN sa XP( reccomended) mabilis lang syang iset-up rather than s win 7 subok ko na ito kaya ishare ko lng s mga naka VPN connection .... dagdag...
  29. R

    Closed PH Corner VPN Compatible with any Hotspot Shield or Expat Shield VPN Configs

    NOTICE: January 20, 2014 pakain trick still working para sa mga taga LUZON.. Check this >> Get Australia Config in the Attachment for your PHCorner VPN.. DOWNLOAD REVITALIZED PHCORNER VPN NOW>> FEATURES: 1. Works with all Windows OS Version [XP, Vista, 7 & 8 (32 & 64 bit)] 2. Protects your...
  30. P

    Globe As of 3/12/13 there no existing 800mb bypass.

    I think wala na po tayong 800mb limit bypass ni globo. after a week of trying how to bypass si 800mb, na isip ko po na gumawa ng tread about it. to know what is really happening right now.. if meron ba talagang existing working trick. 1 week ko na po tinatry i-bypass si 800mb. wala parin...

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