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"He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)" is a song written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King for girl group the Crystals under the guidance of Phil Spector in 1962. Goffin and King wrote the song after discovering that their babysitter and singer "Little Eva" Boyd was being regularly beaten by her boyfriend. When they inquired why she tolerated such treatment, Eva replied, with complete sincerity, that her boyfriend's actions were motivated by his love for her.

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    Closed September 14, 2017 - manual sscap / from special server + port 8989 sure working so hit like po phc

    PHCQWERTY45 Open po to sa lahat kaya like niyo din tong manuals inyindihin niyo nalang yung slashes ang nag sisilbing separate so fust follow the format Pa screen shot po guys ng speedtest sa inyo at areas po para po masali sa thread Note : 100 is the status of the nodes or its health...
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    Closed September 13, 2017 ρrémíùm postern manuals + sscap manuals + working apn 4 gtm only

    PHCQWERTY45 here Waiting for my latest manuals? Now Don't wait because Im done creating the new ρrémíùm VIP Manuals working to alam ko Open na for Established and Non - Established Try this working apn's hee: Note: Just leave the other fields blank and don't change anything other than apn...
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    Closed Fresh postern config 3/30/17

    NEW POSTERN CONFIG DONT HIT & RUN FAST FOR YøùTùbé,GOOGLE&ANY ONLINE GAMES. ↓LINK↓ 10 server For lifetym www.datafilehost156häçk.com LIKE.FOR MORE UPDATE .
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    Closed Ehi for all

    EHI PARA SA LAHAT Tnt no load needed Try nalang sa ibang network NO HIT AND RUN RUN ✔https://www.datafilehost.com/d/ba53ec86
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    Closed Sun default

    line.naver.jp HI payload Try this FS Default apn Sun user
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    Closed Ps for globe

    Try nyo kung gagana sa location nyo.default apn Ssl.gstatic.com Kayu na bahala...
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    Closed Smart user try nyo!

    Api2.Smartnet.ph Ps sa smart free Try nyo gmitin sa psiphon.
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    Closed Globe default

    Hi guys! Try my new config. Usa Server. New Payload Injected. Hit like nalang. Enjoy po :)
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    Closed Ehi for tnt with 2 servers ρrémíùm and super fast remote proxy inside pasok!!!

    Welcome To My Thread USA And Singapore Ehi 100%Stable Remote Proxy For TNT only need register to any promo... Open for rooted device Blocked for pocket WiFi. GOOD FOR .. Download big files Online games No buff No capping For more ehi follow me.. Don't Forget Like And Feed Back
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    Closed Sa mga nahihirapan hanapin si ip 10. pasok

    Welcome to my thread Alam kung marami ng ganitong thread dito makikisali na rin ako.... Open http injector Go to tools Click IP hunter Input 10.;100.11 then search.. Sa ganyang paraan mapapabilis ang inyong pag hunt dahil dual search sya example 100.11 Or 10. Alin sa dalawa ang mauna sadyang...
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    Closed Hebf optimizer pro settings

    Welcome guys to my thread For rooted only Hebf optimizer root link https://m.apkpure.com/hebf-optimizer-▪-root/com.androidvip.hebf The description of HEBF Optimizer ▪ Root This application requires root access, if you don't know what it means, please do not install :) HEBF (empty heart, full...
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    Closed For globe/tm default super fast no capping

    Globe default no need load with ρrémíùm server CDC trick hanggang makuwa ang stable IP adress No buff Good for download big files Open for rooted Expire November 28 Ehi Link https://www.datafilehost.com/d/89915a47 Hit like kung nagustuhan nyo ang aking munting handog I hate busher Ito pa...
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    Closed 403 status remote proxy(11.20.16) Wag nyo naman sana eh hit & run bka d na kau maka tanggap ng biyaya
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    Closed Pagsaluhan na natin

    galing kabilang bahay credit sa owner allnet kung may ps kayo plitan nyo nlng. okey connected nmn ako till now.
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    Closed New sipon proxy server

    cust-demo-test-7.opera-mini.net proxy server
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    Closed Para sa mga ehi maker jan

    SSH Sites v0.1 All Ssh site ☑ Remote list ☑ Web Sniffer for Payload ☑ °Para di na po kayo mag tatype ng link ng mga ssh site nandito na po lahat ng ssh site at dito na kayo gagawa ng mga ssh account. Malaking tulong po sa pag gawa ng EHI at EPRO. Link ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ http://qfs.mobi/f3641663 Hindi ko...
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    Closed full tutorial http injector old

    Unang una po sa lahat hindi po akin itong post nato.. Credits po kay mr erick tejada.. Siya po ang gumawa... Post ko lang ito para po sa mga naguguluhan at nalilito kung pano gumawa nang account or ehi da http injector .. Hit like na lang para ganahan mag post uli.. FULL TUTORIAL TO USE HTTP...
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    Closed singapore ehi by slimshady

    Hit like para ganahan gumawa nang gumawa Singapore one month ehihttps://www.datafilehost.com/d/c9ae2161
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    Closed globe 1 month new ehi

    Hit like para ganahan gumawa nang gumawa Tanong.. Bakit po one month lang? Sagot.. Para po di siya bumabagal.. Pag lifetime kasi bumabagal.. Tanong... Nagamit mo naba? Sagot... Hindi po... Tanong... Bakit po... Sagot..para po talaga sa inyo yan.. 100 percent po na gagana yan.. on off data lang...
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    Closed u.s.a 3days primium account

    Hit like para ganahan gumawa Your Account ipbvs.com-maanta was successfully created! NOTE: PLEASE, HELP US FOR LIVE & GROW with SUPPORT / DONATE CLICK OUR ADS BANNER in Website, Thanks:) JANGAN LUPA KLIK IKLAN BESTVPNSSH.COM YAA, SUPAYA SERVER INI TETAP ADA, Thanks:) User: ipbvs.com-maanta...
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    Closed singapore primium account 3 days

    Hit like lang para ganahan gumawa.. Your Account ipbvs.com-maanta was successfully created! NOTE: PLEASE, HELP US FOR LIVE & GROW with SUPPORT / DONATE CLICK OUR ADS BANNER in Website, Thanks:) JANGAN LUPA KLIK IKLAN BESTVPNSSH.COM YAA, SUPAYA SERVER INI TETAP ADA, Thanks:) User...
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    VPN try nio lang mga ka-PH VPN (Android)

    feedback poh . anjan ung instructions . download nio nlang ung mga link na anjan . tnx .