The stitchbird or hihi (Notiomystis cincta) is a honeyeater-like bird endemic to the North Island and adjacent offshore islands of New Zealand. Its evolutionary relationships have long puzzled ornithologists, but it is now classed as the only member of its own family, the Notiomystidae. It became rare, being extirpated everywhere except Little Barrier Island, but has been reintroduced to two other island sanctuaries and four locations on the North Island mainland.In addition to hihi, the stitchbird is also known by a number of other Māori names, including: tihi, ihi, tihe, kotihe, tiora, tiheora, tioro, kotihe-wera (male only), hihi-paka (male only), hihi-matakiore (female only), mata-kiore (female only), tihe-kiore (female only).

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    24 days nalang pasko na hihi

    Online limos na ba ako 🤣 Hahaha Merry Christmas ka PHCORNER ❤️ Here's my gcash
  2. D

    Hihi lang pede

  3. C


  4. E

    Mg na ako gaiz hihi

    Kahapon lang hehez
  5. D

    I need a BOYFRIEND. Yung gwapo at daks plss hihi.

    I need Boyfriend. Yung gwapo at daks sana. Add me on my social media accounts.
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    Paslash naman pu :((( I got a chance to get a free gift at ClipClaps, I'm so close from getting it! Copy this text and open ClipClaps App to give me a boost! https://h5.cc.lerjin.com/fission/?clapcode=8788119105&actId=535e7c288ba34ee5a1d5a3b2cb5f384f2012#/
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    Closed Salamat ninong/ninag

    Namamasko po haha.
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    Closed Netflix. pahingi po account. :(

    pahingi nmn jan bossing.. please. :):):)
  9. B

    Sun Sun payloads

    ang mag like lang nito ang bigyan ko ng payload ng sun hihi. pm mga established.
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    Closed Sun payload fb20 promo

    working sakin. WWW.WECHAT.COM
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    Closed Paymaya nagbayad na hihi

    Kunin nyo na baka mag bago pa isip
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    Closed Quote of the day

    Your memory feels like home to me. So whenever my mind wanders, it always finds it’s way back to you.
  13. J

    Closed Yo!

    magandang umaga mga tropa kamusta buhay?
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    Closed Ultra fast multi-payload weekly ehi configs for gtm no load/promo

    No Load/Promo Maintain P1 Balance Use Globe Switch App (Stable w/ offers) REQUIRED: Http Injector Globe Switch (Optional) Network Speed Monitoring GOOD FOR: Gaming Browsing Streaming Downloading OPEN FOR: Rooted/Non-rooted Data/Pocket Wifi Servers Payload Expiry Gaming Singapore Penta 1 -...
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    Closed Pasok

    Juat download that app in playstore connected even without load, sometimes cant browse i dont know why, kayo na po bahala mag experiment kung paano maging stable yung connection nya. naka reg ako 1day fb kaya nakaka pag download live stream etc. No cap. Just like what i said minsan no browse.
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    Closed ✨08/27 lowping!!✨⚡+30mbps download speed❎⚡

    F a l l o w & L i k e s!! Thanks^^ Globe tm/tnt update! Good for mobilegende!! 3days lowping^^ No torrent√ No dDos√ No häçking √ No îllégâl activities No Carding No Spamming!!√ Pa like nalang&follow update ko to^^ https://dropmb.com/download/ca1a298d7feb9586a722b6214ffc4fe2.html
  17. L

    Closed Ehi

    Pengeng ehi file na lifetime
  18. J

    Closed First time here.

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    Closed .ehi no load required

    ⚡⚡ VOLT⚡⚡ FAST CONNECT Status : 200 *YøùTùbé *BROSWER *ONLINE GAME GLOBE/TM 1 https://www.datafilehost.com/d/8a0ac25b GLOBE/TM 2 https://www.datafilehost.com/d/0d18fd7d Enjoy! CREATED BY:⚡⚡VOLT⚡⚡
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    Closed India server ulit.

    India server-Globe default with promo 1 India server-Globe default with promo 2 India server-Globe default with promo 3 Siyempre kailangan may feedback :).
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    Closed Globe/tm default- newzealand server

    Gamit kayo ng Globe Switch. Dapat may balance kayo kahit piso para maaccept niyo free offer. Accept niyo yong mga free offer na mataas ang mb at valid for one day. Pagkatapos niyo maaccept uninstall niyo na si Globe Switch then import niyo na yong ehi. Globe Switch link...
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    Closed India server-globe default v2.0

    13 days remaining Ehi link https://www.datafilehost.com/d/b323b30c Feedback kayo unstable kasi sa akin.
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    Closed Kaway-kaway diyan sa mga nakakakonek sa kahit anong ehi.

    Sa mga Globe user diyan sino sa inyo ang nakakapagpagana ng kahit anong ehi ?
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    Closed Solved-http injector (globe user)

    Kapag gagawa ka ng ehi ano ba yong unang chinickeckan sa payload?Gumagawa kasi ako ng ehi kaso ayaw gumana (n)
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    Closed Http Injector for TNT ( No need register )

    Http Injector for TNT ( No need register ) 1. Download this link➡ https://www.datafilehost.com/d/3774a917 2. Import to Injector 3.Palitan mo ang remote proxy nito! ✴✴ ✴✴ Then goto Tools Katabi ng LOG Make sure naka ON yong AUTO RESPONSE 4. Click start ssh 5. Register On...
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    Kamusta kayo? :))

    hiii Kamusta kayo?
  27. J

    G·TM HAYS !