hey there

"Hey There" is a show tune from the musical play The Pajama Game, written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. It was published in 1954. It was introduced by John Raitt in the original production.
In the show, Sid sings it to a recording device, telling himself that he's foolish to continue his advances to Babe. He plays the tape back, and after responding to his own comments, sings a duet with himself.

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    Closed Good morning

    by good morning mga ka ph
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    Closed Mga.bro

    MgaBro anu po pg kakaiba ng mgc at mgi ska pag nka D.L ng injector need paba i settings salamat bago.lng po
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    Hi everyone
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    New member here

    Im a new member here hope to learn more from you guys :D
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    Help Wimax dv235t

    Hi! Good am ka-PH, Finally! naka-connect na ko sa internet kagabi, kaya lang intermittent ang connection....Mag-kokonek then babagsak...connected...disconnected...hindi stable..hindi tuloy makapagbrowse ng maayus..di ko lam if sa signal....antenna...sa modem..ang problem...nagpalit na kme ng...
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