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    Closed Help

    Diba ang requirements pag maging established ay 30 post in 1month @ 1month na nka register..tanong ko lang ano po ibig sabihin ng 30 post na yan ..? gaya ba nito ang klase na,post?? need ko po feedback nyo ksi 1month na din ako nag lilike at nagcocoment sa mga,thread eh..
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    Closed Ask lng po ! salamat sa ppansin

    30 days ba bago ma establish ? grasshoper nko pero di pako establish 4 days pa 30 days nko .. salamat sa papansin !!!
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    Closed Nba 2k16

    Help nmn po pano paganahin ung nba 2k16 ba pag inopen ko nag baback cia sa menu at sbi nla need dw ng gltools ano pa set up ng gltools pra sa nba 2k16 plssssss patulong nmn po ,TY
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    Closed For CM Thunder s220

    Pa help please yung google play services ko kasi na uninstall. kaso ngayon hinde ko na sya ma install. Ano pong pwede kong gawin? Help please :(
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    Please help me

    Mam/Sir, Pag nagrestore ba ng CP mabubura lahat ng certificate? nagrestore kasi ako ng cp ko, ayun hindi na sya makapagnet. Ano po dapat gagawin don pa reprogram ko na lang po ba or may solusyon pa tayo... Mod EDIT : It seems that the thread starter has already solved his problem. Will closed...

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