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    Closed Pa help naman

    Hi pahelp
  2. J

    Closed New NXB Procedure :)

    Pasensya Na Po :( Sumabay Din Po Siya Ka FuBu
  3. J

    Closed Sharing Internet Connection Via HotSpot!! :D

    1. Downlod Wlan Launcher. Run Mo Tapos Tignan Mo Yung Conn. Na Gamit Nya Anjan Sa Attachment WLAN.Png 2.Go To Your Connection Properties > Sharing > Ilagay Mo Dun Sa Sharing Yung Conn. Na Gamit Ni WLAN LAUNCHER. Nasa Attachment SS Ni Step 2. 3 Enjoy :) PS: Pag Nawawala Connection Ni HotSpot...
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    Closed What is best freenet for Jump-in sim?

    ask lng po aq kung ano pinka update / best freenet for smart jump in users.. thanks in advance.. :)
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    Closed HELP Please needed lang

    Pwede pa like at comment sa blog kong to Napapanahong Isyu: Makupad na Internet sa bansang Pilipinas - http://hase027.phc.onl/#forbidden#/2015/10/makupad-na-internet-sa-bansang-pilipinas.html Kailangan lang talagang maka 100 likes and 5 comments major pt namin sa Filipino sana tulungan nyo ako.
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    Closed Pa Help ka PH! Pano po i unblock ang smartbro simcard?

    Pa help po paano po i unblock ang iyong smartbro sim card? Thanks po in advance.
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    Closed SPT PSIPHON 3.. with cmd

    sir help naman po diko makita sa screen ung SPT pero nainstall kuna sya sa laptop ko diko po magamit kc wala sya sa display Help master kc ikw ang creator ng thread nato sir ubos na ang bulsa ko sa kakalod

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