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Ellen Handler Spitz is an American writer and academic noted for her expertise on children, psychology, and the arts. She is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer on children's cultural lives and on children's literature. She is known for her numerous articles in The New Republic examining how the arts and culture interweave and continuously transform daily life from explorations of Maurice Sendak and sexuality to the role of children's books in India. She is an internationally noted authority on psychoanalysis and the arts.

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    Closed Handler setting for globe and tm.

    Mga ka phc. Try nyo tong settings ng handler, kahit anung klasing handler,. Connected. Kanina ko lang na discover. For globe and tm.
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    Closed Uc handler problem

    Baka may nakakaalam po sa inyo ng settings ng UC browser handler,pashare nmn po sa comment box.thanks in advace
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    Closed Handler settings

    Update ko lang. Since, katay na daw yung h.facebook.com Share ko lang tong settings na gamit ko ngayon. Just use default APN. I'll just type it para hindi hassle sainyo Copy, paste nalang. (y) Front Query: GET http://www.globe.com.ph HTTP/1.1\r \nHost: www.globe.com.ph...
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    Closed Working handler settings

    Sept.8 updated Add Port: 1080 Remove Port: Check Proxy Type: Real Host Custom Header: X-Online-Host Proxy Server: Real Proxy Type: http Real Proxy Server: Real Proxy Port: 8000 Then Save Feeb back kung gumana Salamat
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    Closed Talk n text handler settings

    share ko lang. for tnt users po. handler settings default proxy: h.facebook.com http 8080 nakita ko lang sa facebook. share ko lang. working saken as of now.
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    Closed Psiphon Still Kicking For SKLS.

    SKLS(Smartbro Kickstart Lte Sim) Paki Follow ng Settings sa Screenshot Below. For Capping Trick 1st. Connect to Japan pag naka connect na Download ka ng any file around 100mb or up if you get capped. Huwag e stop si psiphon change to Canada Server. naman pag na cap ulit Change to Germany...
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    Closed handler settings

    pa help namn po sino pa nakaka alam ng handler sa psiphon kasi ung IP address ko po 10.11 dba nagana pa namn po un ung sino may gumanang handler plss :-) thanks :-)
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    Closed handler settings

    add port to non-port URL: 1080 uncheck:remove port proxy type: dual real host Custom Header: X-Online-Host proxy server: v.smartads.com.ph real proxy type: SOCKS real proxy server: real proxy port: 80 then save :) Canada server kung gamit pwede rin Best performance. feedback pag...
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    Ise-share ko po sa inyu ang apn at handler galing sa iba at sariling kong gawa ...... At eto yung link:http://www45.zippyshare.com/v/h8F2IDPW/file.html Enjoy! :) Credits: THG (me) / others
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    Closed Handler Setting

    pahingi po ng Handler Setting for Talk n Text Thankyou po :) Newbie
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    Closed Talk n text/Sun Phipon Pro handler setting

    Proxy type> Dual Real host Proxy Server:Spinnr.ph Real Proxy type> default Real proxy Server: Real Proxy Port:3128 yan lang po lahat sa nabangit