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Ellen Handler Spitz is an American writer and academic noted for her expertise on children, psychology, and the arts. She is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer on children's cultural lives and on children's literature. She is known for her numerous articles in The New Republic examining how the arts and culture interweave and continuously transform daily life from explorations of Maurice Sendak and sexuality to the role of children's books in India. She is an internationally noted authority on psychoanalysis and the arts.

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    Closed Vpn handler setting .. mainit init pa mga bess.. no load , gs only ..

    Handler setting mga Bess para sa vpn niyo.. Good for browsing..:) YøùTùbé 360p . Pansalit niyo lang..hehe:) Sakto lang and bilis niya dito sa amin.. Try niyo diyan sa inyo baka Mas mabilis.. Gumana din sana sa inyo ito.. Kung Hindi pasencia nalang..wala naman mawawala kung itry niyo diba...
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    Closed Happy new year po sa lahat!!! newbie lang po. ask ko po sana kong ano po ibigsabihin ng handler?

    Ask ko lang po sana kong anu po ibig sabihin ng handler at handler setting at kung paano o saan po ito makikita.. sa makaka pag bigay kaalaman marami pong salamat. nag search na ako kaso parang hirap intindihin sensya na newbie lang... salamat po uli...
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    Closed Tip for query of handler setting.

    Front,Mid and Back Query are the socket url which support proxy server cause less dc while connected and make a Psiphon slight faster. This should be use "?" in left side of url and "/#" in right side of url, like this. ?www.google.com/# Try it with your known working proxy server for...
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    Closed Psiphon handler setting (sept 1)

    Try this if it works on you and your location Remove port: checked Proxy type:real host/ dual real host Proxy server: h.facebook.com R.proxy type: http/socks R.proxy server: Proxy port: 80/8080 It really depends on the location, may mga loc. Na hindi gumagana yung handler setting...
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    Closed psiphon handler settings

    Remove port: check Proxy type: real host proxy server: loadprotect.talkntext.com.ph:8081 Real proxy type: default Real proxy server: Real proxy port: 80 Try nyo lang to
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    Closed Sino po bang Meron Proxy Server sa Yandex 753 Handler UI?

    Sino pong meron bagong proxy server kasi di na po nagana
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    Help [Help] e buddy handler settings

    sino po ba nakakaalam ng settings para sa e buddy handler? or kung meron kayong ibang handler na pede fb chat for s40 phones. tapos bigay nyo na rin yung settings. :) Please help :)
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    [help] o.m 4.2 hui setting dl capable

    Mga boss,pahingi naman ng o.m 4.2 handler setting na DL capable. Matagal na kasing di nakakaDL. Please share!
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    Simpleng o.m. handler settings

    Primary and Socket server: Http://www.globe.com.ph/globe.asp.server4.operamini.com Front Query:www.globe.com.ph/globe.asp Remove port: check Proxy type:Http Proxy Server:.server4.operamini.com Huwag kalimutan yung "." before the Proxy server. Sana makatulong, Hit like! :)