The GUI ( JEE-yoo-EYE or GOO-ee), graphical user interface, is a form of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and audio indicator such as primary notation, instead of text-based UIs, typed command labels or text navigation. GUIs were introduced in reaction to the perceived steep learning curve of CLIs (command-line interfaces), which require commands to be typed on a computer keyboard.
The actions in a GUI are usually performed through direct manipulation of the graphical elements. Beyond computers, GUIs are used in many handheld mobile devices such as MP3 players, portable media players, gaming devices, smartphones and smaller household, office and industrial controls. The term GUI tends not to be applied to other lower-display resolution types of interfaces, such as video games (where HUD (head-up display) is preferred), or not including flat screens like volumetric displays because the term is restricted to the scope of 2D display screens able to describe generic information, in the tradition of the computer science research at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.

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    Help Java Gui (for bot only)

    Hidden content
  2. V

    Help Try gui in py(For bot only)

    Hidden content
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    Gui Cheat Ml + Anti Ban Tricks

    Check niyo lang yung profile ko may makikita kayong link dun join lang kayo, please support 🥰
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    Tools ATA GUI v.3.4.3 to 3.4.6

    Description ATA GUI is a powerful desktop program that simplifies the management of applications on your Android device. With its modern graphical interface, you can easily disable pre-installed system apps and bloatware that are not useful to you or install new ones with just a few clicks. The...
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    Tools Thor Flash Utility GUI for Linux(latest version)

    Thor Flash Utility GUI is a tool that enables you to flash or install Stock Firmware on Samsung devices, much like Odin Downloader. However, unlike Oden Downloader, it supports Linux. It is a graphical user interface (GUI) version of the Thor utility, which is a command-line tool. Hidden content
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    G·TM 1 tap NoLoad | NoSimBlocked | What's New | DKA System new Version 3.2.0 | The most accurate vpn partner | Friendly GUI | Sokpaaa!

    1 tap NoLoad | NoSimBlocked | What's New | DKA System new Version 3.2.0 | The most accurate vpn partner | Friendly GUI | Sokpaaa! Updated Version Q1) What's you should do to avoid encountering issues using DKA System? A1) You should carefully re-read all steps and feedbacks from old versions...
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    Course [Udemy 2-4-24 Limited] Create a GUI with Python

    Description This course teaches you how you can quickly create desktop apps with Python. The content makes this easy: you don't have to be an expert in PyQt, Tkinter, wxPython or the web: instead you can easily switch between all of them. If you want to start with creating desktop apps in Python...
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    Java GUI

    Nag start na po akong aralin yung Java Swing, ano pong marerecommend niyong learning tricks para madali ko pong mamaster 'to?
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    Help Tkinter GUI car rental system

    Pa help guys laging lumalabas ang log in window pag nag aadd, book, or return ng sasakyan
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    Closed Banyan GUI (Solved)

    ** SOLVED **
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    Help Matlab card game PUSOY DOS GUI

    Any Idea po pano gumawa ng GUI nito with Thingspeak pa. sana may makatulong TIA. project ng kapatid ko.
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    Course Udemy - Recommendation System & Recommendation Engine with Python

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit like button for more useful sharing. thanks Hidden content *Take note that this is limited time only guys. Enjoy 😊
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    Course Udemy - PyQt Course Bundle - Python GUI Development with PyQt

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit like button for more useful sharing. thanks Hidden content
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    Help JAVA GUI Calculator

    /* * Click nbfs://nbhost/SystemFileSystem/Templates/Licenses/license-default.txt to change this license * Click nbfs://nbhost/SystemFileSystem/Templates/GUIForms/ to edit this template */ package GUIProject; import javax.swing.JOptionPane; /** * * @author joopa30 */ public class...
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    Help Java GUI Project Student Info

    Pa help po sana ako sa GUI Project ko na Student info huhu need ASAP. Thank youu
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    Hi po, I installed ovpn gui po for my PC and pag e coconect ko na Po Yung ovpn na file ang lumalabas po is " connecting to management interface failed " . Paano Po to mapagana, thank you po😊
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    Java How do you organize your Java GUI code?

    When writing a Java GUI, it's often the case that we end up with rather long lines of code. While using GUI builders can help shorten the code for creating a Java GUI application, I was wondering if there are any tips and tricks you could share to properly organize the code, especially in...
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    PC App YT Downloader 7.26.2 (GUI)

    Alam ng karamihan na mahilig mag download ng mga videos or music from YøùTùbé or sa ibang supported sites ang YT-dlp application. Ang YT Downloader naman ay isang GUI at di na gumamit ng CLI (Command Line Interface), aka CMD, tulad ng YT-dlp for simplicity para sa mga users nito. Pwede na ang...
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    Java JAVA exam

    mga lods, pahelp dito. Di ko kse mapashow sa another panel ung character kasama yung selected weapon. GUI po to. import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; public class CharacterSelectionGUI extends JFrame { private WeaponSelectionGUI weaponSelectionGUI; private JLabel...
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    Java Pa help po java gui

    Ayawpo kaseng mapalitan nung question yung nasa loob ng jtextarea wherein dapat po napapalitan kase po nag iterate naman po yung iterator ko na nag a-access ng arraylist ko parang naka intact lang po sya sa unang question na nilagay nung user which is 0 parang siman po tlga sya na iterate ket...
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    How to automatically transfer data entered from the inputs from JFrame Form to Excel?
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    Java GUI

    How to automatically transfer data entered from the JFrame Form to Excel and automatically prints it.
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    Java BOT TEST

    What is the use of Framelinks in Java GUI?
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    Help make a GUI for this code

    Please help me to make a GUI for this code that has 2 buttons which function is to exit or start the recording the Gui must replace this code function: pressedKey = cv2.waitKey(1) & 0xFF if pressedKey == 32: # Record pressing r recording = True frame_count = 0...
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    Patulong naman magawan ng GUI

    #depemdent import import cv2 import numpy as np from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split from tensorflow.keras.utils import to_categorical import os from matplotlib import pyplot as plt import time from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split from tensorflow.keras.utils...
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    Help Java Gui

    Create a simple Java Gui
  27. S

    Help Java Gui

    Where can I learn about Basic Java Gui
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    Help Java GUI

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    GUI Fat32Format1.01 - format large USB Drives and External Hardrives to FAT32

    DOWNLOAD LINK:Hidden content Fat32Format is a portablefreeware utility capable of formatting large USB Drives (32 GB+) to FAT32. Fat32Format quickly runs through the process with the result being a properly FAT32 formatted USB drive. It is simple and easy-to-use for any skill level, but there...
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    PC App Hello, Dev people baka meron kayu nito na Apps TablePlus for Mysql GUI?

    Hello, Dev people , baka meron kayu nito na apps. . . Baka naman meron mag bahagi KraKabol 🥳 thank you Nag statstart pa kasi ako mag coding ... Happy Coding 😁
  31. M


    oki na po
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    Closed Java GUI System

    Mga Senpai sa BSIT ask ko lang po sana if pwede po ba ako makacreate ng System without using set, get at class extends? Medyo hirap pa kasi ako sa paggamit nito... alam ko po yung function nya pero pag iaaply ko na eh nahihirapan pa rin po ako... Dahil kasi sa covid kaya hindi nacontinue yung...
  33. L

    Closed 936 Ovpn modem GUI

    Mga boss paturo naman kung pano mapalitan ng gui yung modem ko or pa link ng mga tutorial thank you po
  34. T

    Closed 936 OVPN MODDED GUI

    Feedback kung maganda yung gawa ko TYSM ^U^)/ feedback & like Deus Vult
  35. C

    Help Computer rental system

    Patulog naman po sa computer rental system :)salamat in advance
  36. R

    Closed Estimated size ni qt??

    mga Qt user's dyan ano po ba estimated size ni Qt?
  37. M

    Closed C++ gui?

    C++ Gui? Meron bang gui si c++ na naggagawa, button, label, text, etc? Gumagamit ako ng code::block sa c++. Meron ba nun sa visual c++?
  38. S

    Closed Openvpn command line parameters

    Mga repapips na merong alam sa desktop app ng OpenVPN: Magtatanong sana ako kung alam niyo kung paano mag-send ng --connect parameter sa openvpn.exe mismo, hindi sa openvpn-gui.exe. Kasi gumagawa ako ng GUI (with upload/download rate, logs, etc) pero yung pag-send nalang ng parameters kulang...
  39. S

    Closed Openvpn command line parameters

    Mga repapips na merong alam sa desktop app ng OpenVPN: Magtatanong sana ako kung alam niyo kung paano mag-send ng --connect parameter sa openvpn.exe mismo, hindi sa openvpn-gui.exe. Kasi gumagawa ako ng GUI (with upload/download rate, logs, etc) pero yung pag-send nalang ng parameters kulang...
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    Closed Gui access? how?

    Guys pahelp naman po pano po mag access sa GUI ng modem ko? Modem kopo is B135s 936 Old Model, Nilalagay kopo yung i.p sa url link pero hindi nag lo-load pano po ba komonek sa GUI ng modem ko? Salamat ka PHC (y)
  41. D

    Closed Pageant tabulation system [need help]

    Haiz thank you! At may section pala talaga dito. I need help po kasi about pageant tabulation system kasi di ko alam kung ano ang flow ng system at di rin kasi ako marunong gumawa ng ERD. Well, the 1st frame should be the Admin and the User and when you click either one of it it goes througj...
  42. A

    Closed CDC problem

    Ask ko lang po kung ano kaya pwede solution dito? 622i po modem ko. Unstable po masyado internet ko. Connected po siya mga 1min, tapos maya maya Destination host unreachable na po. Pa help naman po. Ano kaya pwdeng solution dito. Attached po ung picture ng GUI ko tska CMD ping test. Salamat!!
  43. E

    Buying Mac Address but Can't access GUI

  44. B

    Closed Bm622i 2011 at 2010 problem

    Guys help nmn po, bali ganito, biglang nagilaw nlng all led yung 22i 2011 ko tas ginawa ko bumili ako ng bagong modem 2pcs 22i kaso puro may defect binenta sakin nascam ako. yung isa lan led at power lang fast blinking yung led. yung isa nmn 22i 2010 sya tapos hindi ko maaccess gui as admin...

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