A grocery store (AE), grocery shop (BE) or simply grocery is a store that primarily retails a general range of food products, which may be fresh or packaged. In everyday U.S. usage, however, "grocery store" is a synonym for supermarket, and is not used to refer to other types of stores that sell groceries. In the UK, shops that sell food are distinguished as grocers or grocery shops (though in everyday use, people usually use either the term "supermarket" or a "corner shop" or "convenience shop").
Larger types of stores that sell groceries, such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, usually stock significant amounts of non-food products, such as clothing and household items. Small grocery stores that sell mainly fruit and vegetables are known as greengrocers (Britain) or produce markets (U.S.), and small grocery stores that predominantly sell prepared food, such as candy and snacks, are known as convenience shops or delicatessens.

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    Trivia Saan aabot ang 1k mo ngayon? Grocery

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    gusto ko sana itry yung ganto baka kasi may magalit

    ctto.. fb c
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    Closed Altpos software copy

    Thank you po sa pag-babasa ng request ko. Gusto ko lang po sanang humigi ng copy ng software na ALTPOS - v5, na-corrupt po kasi ung copy namin sa grocery. Salamat po. Any help will be appreciated.
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    YOUR GROCERIES COME TO LIFE! Game Review: YOUR GROCERIES COME TO LIFE! Hundreds of thousands of players worldwide have already discovered on the fun, challenging, family-friendly, grocery bagging puzzle game Bag It! — come see what all the fuss is about! Heavy, sturdy items on the bottom...