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    Closed patulong po

    tanong lng po ako . nka register po ako sa GOTSCOMBODD70 na mai 1gb data consumble. nkukunan po bah ang data ko kpag mag download ako ng movies using syphon ? tnx po newbie kasi wlang alam
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    new free internet using opera mini 7.5!!!!

    connection settings: APN: PSA: PORT: 80 for rooted phones
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    GLOBE/TM FREE NET FREEZONES for android users po GLOBE to... FREEZONE PO TO using OM7.5 1st. Download with Install the Anonynous7.52nd. phone [Setting] then Go to [WireLess & networks]3rd. then Scroll down and [Mobile networks]4th.CLick [Access Point Names]5th.New APN!6th.type this in new...