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A yard globe, also known as a garden globe, gazing ball, lawn ball, garden ball, gazing globe, mirror ball, chrome ball, or orb, is a mirrored sphere typically displayed atop a conical ceramic or wrought iron stand, and sometimes the grass, as a lawn ornament. Sizes ranges from 1 in (25 mm) up to 10 m (33 ft) in diameter, with the most popular gazing ball being 12 in (300 mm). Gazing balls were glass but can now be stainless steel, acrylic, ceramic, or stained glass.
Unlike hanging friendship balls or witch balls that have a loop, gazing balls come in a variety, with some having a stem so they can securely sit in a stand, while others are more uniform in shape and can sit on grass. Larger sizes can be made but prove difficult to place on the stand due to the weight of the globe.

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    G·TM (NEW) working fq: for UCbrowserhui (MGC)

    :bookworm:para lang to sa mga ucbrowser hui/handler Fq: remove port: mark UCbrowser 9.0handler.jar UCbrowser...
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    Help Mga boss,pano po ba magbug ng sim?

    :new:Pede din po ba yung globe tattoo?newbie lang po kasi ako
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    G·TM kaboom v.3 working(globe bug)

    working po sa akin yung kaboom v.3 1.dapat nka on yung packet data nyo saka dapat nka 3g at nka wi-fi pra mas mabilis ang reply ni otso at continues yung process niya... 2.use this combi...gounli750/gounli180/allnet600/allnet300 3.hintayin lbg po lahat ng replies ni otso saka ulit mag kaboom...
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    NewBie Here, Pa Help häçk Sa GLobe Gmit Iphone4g :))

    pa help po :)) salamt ka ph
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    hello mark, bago lng po aq dto ;)
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    Toll patry

    toll pa try. sana working sya s kin
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    New account

    hi i'm jastin i'm new here