globe sucks

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    Help 7:00pm - 10:00pm everyday walang signal si globe

    Ganito na ba talaga ang globe data ngayon? Mataas ang ping at panay dc sa ganitong oras rin ba sa inyo?
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    Help Gounli50 sucks!

    PLEASE FOR THE CLARIFICATION OF MY MIND AND SOUL: WHY DOES THE PROMO KEEP DOING THIS? "Your unlimited calls to Globe/TM usage has been detected to be above normal terms of use. Succeeding calls to Globe/TM will now be charged to your other call promos, if you're registered to any,..." WHY...
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    Globe TM How to access facebook w/out using injector/vpn

    Requirements: Globe Switch Data Chrome Any Browser Remote Proxy Click here Steps: 1. You must have Globe Swicth data. 2. Find a good and fast stable proxy go to that website in the top select and copy 3. Open Chrome go to system settings > open...