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Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet (planetarian ~ちいさなほしのゆめ~, Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume) is a Japanese post-apocalyptic visual novel developed by Key, a brand of Visual Arts whose previous works include Kanon and Air. It was released over the Internet on November 29, 2004, for Windows, and is rated for all ages. The game was later ported to the PlayStation 2 (PS2), PlayStation Portable and Nintendo Switch, as well as mobile devices. The story centers on a man who comes across a malfunctioning robot in a dead city. The man, known simply as "the junker", stays with this robot for a time and attempts to fix the projector of the planetarium where the story takes place.
Key defines Planetarian as a "kinetic novel", since its gameplay offers no choices or alternate endings. Instead, the player proceeds through the story solely by reading. The story is written by Yūichi Suzumoto and character design is produced by Eeji Komatsu. The game's soundtrack was composed and arranged by Key's signature composers Magome Togoshi and Shinji Orito. A light novel of short stories set in the world of Planetarian was released in April 2006, and three audio dramas have also been produced. David Production produced a five-episode original net animation series and an anime film in 2016. Planetarian's story, artwork and music have been praised, and the PS2 version ranked first for console games in terms of satisfaction in 2007.

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  1. L

    Closed Help for GoSurf and Gowatch Tricks

    Hello po mga masters! Ask lng po if pano po yung gosurf50 at Gowatch tricks? Baka pwede naman po paturo. Salamat in advance.
  2. M

    Closed Globe internet

    Suggestion naman po ng murang unli ng internet sa globe hindi na kasi working yung ginagamit ko na GOCOMBOAAFBFF652 for 30days. Or kung meron din pong pang Smart. Thank you in advance.
  3. H

    Closed 1 month oldschool bug promo call,text and surf for established lang

    Don't forget to LIKE sakab MAGPASALAMAT :) Longleyb PHC MEMBERS !! Follow me Haaaaaaaaadz
  4. D

    Closed Dito nag simula ang lahat.. combo guides...

    Eto na ang guide para mapadali ang buhay sa pagreregister ng mga GOCOMBO promos! Kung gusto nyo naman maghanap ng GOCOMBO promos, palitan lang ng E ang isa sa mga letra ng existing promo after ng GOCOMBO. Then palitan ng 1 ang value ng promo. For example: GOCOMBOCIPA36 (6GB na deads) Step 1...
  5. C

    Closed Subscribe 1 month text+call+1gb data

    Para wala na ako alalahanin kahit sang sulok sa pinas mapadpad may sigurado ako pang kol or text or pang mobile data. Eto na subscribe ko MAG LOAD PO KQYO NG HALAGANG 190pesos GOCOMBOAKCOF139 send to 8080 Then wait lang po sa confirmation Then GOCOMBOGHELXA46 send to 8080...
  6. B

    Closed Paano mag internet sa globe lte prepaid sim ng walang load

    Help Sana may makatulong sakin ... Paano po mag internet sa Globe lte prepaid sim ng walang load? Kailangan ko po talaga ngayon ng internet importante po ang internet para sa mga studyanteng katulad ko sana po may makatulong sa inyo.. Thank you and advance...
  7. A

    Closed Globe

    Sana naman isipin din nila mga leecher. Hurap pag dipa established. 30days to go
  8. K

    Closed Hi my internet bug po ba sa globe na pang 1 week ung mura lang thanks!

    Hi my internet bug po ba sa globe na pang 1 week ung mura lang thanks! -newbie here
  9. S

    Closed BYPASS SURFMAX paano po ?

    BYPASS SURFMAX paano po ? please .. pa pm nalang sa akin salamat ng marami sa tutulong
  10. S

    Closed Bug OR Promo

    mga bossing Meron ba kayo Alam na Bug sa Globe or ano the Best Promo sa globe na parang Unlisurf ni TRAMS MERON po ba kayo Bug na no capping or Promo Sa globe na No capping Marami salamat po sa mag Share
  11. H

    Closed globe promo bug

    Any promo bug pls
  12. H

    Closed pa help sa new tricks ng bug internet :)

    Globe promo bug pls
  13. G

    Closed unli net sa globe?

    guys balak ko sana lumipat sa globe,smart kasi ako medyo heavy user kulang nag 800mb a day,so tanung ko lng guys kung my unli net ba ang globe?
  14. E

    Closed Pa help po

    Sino po may tut ng 936modem ? Naka plan po kase ako may 30gb allowance monthly Pwede kopo ba dagdagan yun ? Patulong naman po ;)
  15. Y

    Closed new bug tutorial

    share ko lang.. fot globe only.. For 3days load 15pesos follow steps 1 to 2 For 1 month load 115pesos follow steps 1 to 4 1. Gotxt15 send to 8888 wait for confi 2. Gotxt15mb status send to 8888, wait for confi. 3. Gs99 send to 8888 4.Gosakto status send to 8888 1000 text 31 gig net..
  16. J

    Closed Globe/TM Internet Bug Tricks

    NOTE: Hindi ko nasusubokan OKAY kaya kayo na bahala kung gagana bato sa inyo. Nahanap ko lang ito sa FACEBOOK. Feedback nalang kung gagana sa inyo. Steps: 1.) "GS10" to 8888 2.) "SUPERFB10" to 8888 3.) "SURFALERT ON" to 8888 4.) "SURFALERT HOLD" to 8888 5.) "GROAM OFF" to 2884 Credit sa naka...
  17. J

    Closed good day phc.

    meron po ba tayong bagong free internet for globe . ? salamt phc .. need ko lang po kasi . salamat talaga phc.. magandang buhay. :D
  18. V

    Globe magic with freezone working

    Guys try nyo ito nakita ko dito phcorner working ito sa akin. Medyo mabagal pero pwd na rin Credit po sa original na nag post ito yung link. my current location: mandaue, cebu. Bagong-Bago "Globe Free Internet W/ FreeZone Speed
  19. S

    G·TM Globe bug forever without cap

    ''This is UNLIALLTRIO1400 Trick'' Advantage : till the end of the world and no cap Disadvantage : no call and text Requirements: 1. Nokia phone 2. Common-sense 3. Utak Steps: 1. Dapat hindi kayo nakaregister sa anumang browsing promo ng globe 2. Mas madali itong gawin sa nokia phones...

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