gba rom

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    Pokemon Emerald 2 Try This..!!!

    Halos Parehas lang ng Old Version.. New Story New Starters New Map New Mission Same Generation Extra Difficulties New Moves/Attacks GBA EMULATOR Pokemon Emerald Version 2...
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    New Pokemon Theta Emerald Revev Complete Version! and Complete Legendary! GBA Rom

    Pokemon Emerald Theta Emerald Complete Version. Complete Legendary in different Generation. You can catch all legendary after beating the Elite Four. The numbers of Legendaries is 54 download na and play...
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    Pokemon Advance v2 GBA Rom/Generation 8 Complete

    Pokemon Advance v2 Completed New Features Added: *You can catch Pokemon from Generation 2/3/4/5/7/8 16 Legendaries with Mega Evolution 5 Armor Evolution 5 Primal Forms You can used Stone to evolve Pokemon no traded needed *Dark Pokemon *New Story/Extra Difficulties...
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    Where to download gba roms

    Guyd ishare ko lang yung mga websites kung saan ako magdodownload ng Roms or games para sa Gameboy advance emulator.