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  1. IMG_20201014_160538.jpg


  2. plans


    mga balak pinagbibile
  3. FB_IMG_15852989193728257.jpg


    Only in Davao City ahahhahahhahah #StayAtHome
  4. unnamed.jpg


    batang 90's kilala nyo ba ito san na kaya toh ito lang alam ko makakapagligtas sa ating lahat
  5. cutebutdeadly.jpg


  6. introvert.jpg


  7. FB_IMG_1575239962814.jpg


    Hang cute nga
  8. FB_IMG_1523374089576.jpg


    Literal na wacky!! 😂😂
  9. 2GBPS High Speed Data Transfer

    2GBPS High Speed Data Transfer

    reupload pic with speedtest test
  10. Mga legends payo lang

    Mga legends payo lang

    Huwag na po mag aahit kung hindi ka legend
  11. In only 2 weeks!!

    In only 2 weeks!!

    nice workout, you doing great robert
  12. Iyak :)

    Iyak :)

    Yung tipong tatlo ang maling kulay tapos paubos ng oras mo sa Assesmemt, dahil di ka makakapsa pag pumalpak. hahahahaha
  13. M

    Ang probinsyano 2048

    may Forever nga mga kuys"
  14. M

    Seen zone

  15. S

    Closed Who are you this 2018?

    The first word you'll read will tell you who you'll become this 2018.:)
  16. S

    Closed Dirty minds... pasok!!

    Ooopps! It's just the bicycle seat, you know? Wow! What a nice tomatoes!! Oh! What a lovely puppy sleeping on the floor. Look at how peaceful and calm she is while she sleeps. Dirty-minded people got it all wrong at first glance... am I right?
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    Closed Babes?

    Natatawa talaga ako dito...
  18. J

    Closed Always ...

  19. A

    Closed Funny quotes

    Nakakatawa, :)
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    Closed funny collection