Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an "acquaintance" or an "association", such as a classmate, neighbor, coworker, or colleague.
In some cultures, the concept of friendship is restricted to a small number of very deep relationships; in others, such as the U.S. and Canada, a person could have many friends, plus perhaps a more intense relationship with one or two people, who may be called good friends or best friends. Other colloquial terms include besties or Best Friends Forever (BFFs). Although there are many forms of friendship, some of which may vary from place to place, certain characteristics are present in many such bonds. Such features include choosing to be with one another, enjoying time spent together, and being able to engage in a positive and supportive role to one another.Sometimes friends are distinguished from family, as in the saying "friends and family", and sometimes from lovers (e.g., "lovers and friends"), although the line is blurred with friends with benefits. The friend zone is a place where someone is restricted from rising up to the status of lover (see also Unrequited love).
Friendship has been studied in academic fields, such as communication, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, and philosophy. Various academic theories of friendship have been proposed, including social exchange theory, equity theory, relational dialectics, and attachment styles.

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    Trivia Help me to comport my Broken friend hahahahaha....

    Guys, she crying right now and ta**na diko alam gaagwin dito sa babae nato 10x na syang niloko ng bf nya pero 3 months na nakalipas pero pag ganitong maalala nya yung guys hayop na yan nagiging rebound ako charrr de hahaha girl bestfriend ko nmn to fot 2 years and honeslty kasi sawang sawa nako...
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    True friend

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    Sino pwede maging girl friend

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    BFF as in ka myclose friend

    meron akong close friend na girl tama kaya genagawa ko halos lahat ng favor nya pinagbigyan ko attention kahit financial mag refund din naman gusto konang umayaw kaya lang ang kulit nya pag ini ignore ko di bali ang cute din naman nya hehe :unsure: :sneaky:
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    Help My friend Fb got häçked

    Help po ma recover yung account importante po kasi thank you
  13. H

    Untold feelings toward a best friend

    What are your thoughts on falling in love or having a crush on your best friend, but being hesitant to confess at the same time because you're afraid of losing them in the process or dealing with the aftermath of the event? Also, is it alright to confess to that person even if you're not...
  14. C

    A "Real Friend"

  15. C

    Negative Energy ni Friend

    Di ko alam ano tawag pero baka may advice/orasyon kayong alam haha Mayron akong isang friend tatlo lang kami sa grupo, Si Friend 1 super gaan kasama and super solid and then itong si Friend2 OK lang din kami sadyang may something. Di naman ako lagi nag sashare sa kanila kasi more on nakikinig...
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    Help What website I can upload and share the link to a friend for him/her to download

    Hi. I have audio files but my friend is far away. I cant send it through gmail because its more than 25 mb. around 200-300mb each file. In case she needs it for her work. I need to send it to her. but i dont know the means to send that file to her since there's a limit po. Hope someone can help.
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    Help Facebook friend request?

    Pa help po nag sent po ako ng friend request after 6 hrs ni cancelled ko tapos ngaun try ko Sana ulet siya I add pero Di ko na siya Ka search sa Facebook kahit sa mga mutual friend wala Yung name niya.
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    Wechat Friend Request

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    My fake friend (lyrics)

    (Verse 1) I woke up this morning with a sour taste, Thinking 'bout my fake friend, my ultimate disgrace, You used to be my comrade, my buddy through and through, But all that's changed now, and I really hate you! (Chorus) Oh, my fake friend, you're the worst, it's true, I can't believe I ever...
  24. S

    Sarap mo suntukin friend

  25. M

    Girlfriend or Girl Friend?

    Please I need advice. I currently in a relationship, at the same time meron akong kaibigan na babae. Mahal ko ung girlfriend ko at ayaw ko syang masaktan, pero tingin ko nafafall na ko dito sa kaibigan kong babae. Ano dapat kong gawin? 😣😣😣 edit: hindi ko alam kung nafafall ako sa kaibigan ko o...
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    Endless Summer Party Friend code

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    Help Tips being good friend to other

    tips para maging isang mabuting kaibigan sa iba? yung makukuha mo agad loob nila
  29. P

    Pa help po iprank ko lang friend ko

    Hello mga ka PHC. Pa help naman text nyo po itong number na to 09458328877 Kunwari po nag titinda sya ng kambing. Tapos message nyo po salamat po. PS hindi po yan magagalit. Kasi sya ung nauna samen gumaganti lng kami.
  30. I

    Sino pwede maging friend na girl jan? Lalaki ako

    Yung mapag sasabihan ko ng problema? Thru chat sana
  31. S

    Friend Zone

    Why? Why naman? Hidden content
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    Looking for my old friend

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    Help [Helping a friend] Need HandyCafe 4.1.16 *****/ρá†ch

    A friend has an unregistered HandyCafe ver. 4.1.16 on a Windows 7 64-bit PC. Need sana help to acquire *****/ρá†ch or maybe get a "free" license since konti lng unit nila. Thanks in advance sa tutulong
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    Help Mysterious friend for 7 months

    Hello mga ka-PHC! Hihingi po sana ako ng tulong sa inyo regarding my facebook friend na puro pics lang sa messenger ang sinesend pero walang mukha yung pic nya. May mga sinesend syang pictures ng family members nya pero sya wala. Gusto ko sana mahanap yung facebook source ng ng mga photos. I...
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    Help Pa help po nahavk account ng friend ko

    Mga paps patulong naman po nahäçk po account ng friend ko. Eto po information ng nang häçk, nagpapabayad po siya samen Eto po yung fb, yung email po na goodbye ang nang häçk Eto po gcash ng nang häçk Eto po email niya and number Salamat po sa tutulong
  37. T

    Friend zone

    Di ako papayag na friends lang kami mga paps,ano ba dapat kong gawin?
  38. M

    Help Helping a friend

    He wanted to verify but he didn't know what it meant, Btw he's still a minor but he has parental consent.
  39. E


    Kaibigan mong kung nasa bahay nyo 😂😂😂
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    Friend Request

    🖼️ Ctto. Si Jesus Na Susunod Na Mag Aadd sayo hehe

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