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    Tutorial New Free internet

    Share ko lanG tong FREE INTERNET KO NAME : FREEMYNET Tested ko po sya kanina sa SMART 100% (y) WORKING try nyo din po sa GLOBE kung PWEDE at higit sa lahat pwede din po syang panG ONLINE GAMES . . . DOWNLOAD ATTACHMENTS THANKS !!! :)
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    Globe TM Freemynet working config (march 30, 2013)

    I'd like to give credits to the ff. user.. drwang & the makers of freemynet To sir james at sa ibang mods.. please delete this if repost.... ito gamit ko now.. End na po ng bug era.. kaya ala na bug.. the only working now are Surf Bundles bug pero my limit.... Kaya switch muna sa VPN...
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    Closed Freemynet v2.3 vpn

    Share ko lang minsan kong ginamit and still working toh sa mga bug user and legit user FEATURES: [ ] Ready built-in and manual configuration setup [ ] Auto-hide when connected [ ] Connect upon opening GUI,can be set to 1 to 5 seconds to start [ ] Voice prompt when connected ( audio...