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Free Software Foundation, Inc. v. Cisco Systems, Inc. was a lawsuit initiated by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) against Cisco Systems on December 11, 2008 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. The FSF claimed that various products sold by Cisco under the Linksys brand had violated the licensing terms of many programs on which FSF held copyright, including GCC, GNU Binutils, and the GNU C Library. Most of these programs were licensed under the GNU General Public License, and a few under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The Software Freedom Law Center acted as the FSF's law firm in the case. The foundation asked the court to enjoin Cisco from further distributing Linksys firmware that contains FSF copyrighted code, and also asked for all profits that Cisco received "from its unlawful acts." Cisco stated that they were reviewing the issues in the suit, but they believe to be "substantially in compliance".The FSF contended that code to which it held the copyright was found in the Linksys models EFG120, EFG250, NAS200, SPA400, WAG300N, WAP4400N, WIP300, WMA11B, WRT54GL, WRV200, WRV54G, and WVC54GC, and in the program QuickVPN, which is used to connect virtual private network (VPN) clients via the RV and WRV series Linksys routers.On May 20, 2009 the parties announced a settlement that included Cisco appointing a director to ensure Linksys products comply with free-software licenses, and Cisco making an undisclosed financial contribution to the FSF.

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    Help Please help po. VPN account naman po need po. salamat in advance sa mabait! Godbless!

    pasuyo naman po mga master. =] express or any vpn would do basta po my us server po sana. thanks. =]
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    Closed Guys!! anong magandang free vpn?? na maisasuggest nyo? hehe

    madami daw kasi free vnp maari ko po bang malaman kung ano ang magandang iDL?? at saan po ako pwedeng makapagdownload?? I'm sorry hindi kasi ako sure kung reliable mga nakukuha ko sa google search ehhe
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    Closed Free internet

    Ano po bang pwedeng gamiting vpn sa laptop? Wala po ako idea sa mga VPN sa PHC eh. Wala rin po kasi akong modem eh. Enlighten me ka-PHC please
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    Closed Arcade vpn

    legic? pls help me guys. . parang gusto ko na kasi mag avail sa kanila. . kaso bka scam lang
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    VPN Free & unlimited - torrent friendly vpn - globe/tm mgc

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    Closed Free VPN or ip Address changer for PC

    Guys may mai-sasuggest ba kayo na free VPN for pc? yung tested nyo na. thanks.