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A LAN-free backup is a backup of server data to a shared, central storage device without sending the data over the local area network (LAN). It is usually achieved by using a storage area network (SAN).
Note that trivial backup to a dedicated, unshared storage device (such as local tape drive) does not meet the definition.

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    Free Load

    Hi! Share ko lang sana to. Free LOAD w/ mcent 1. Download nyo po dito : 2. Register w/ ur number & wait for confirmation. 3. Type the confirmation code in mCent tapos Log-in 4. Install apps lang po kayo, then follow the instructionsna ipapagawa ni mcent, then wait for...
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    Tutorial [MAY 2014] Free Load po para sa Globe at Smart [NO REFFERALS] [TESTED] [TRY NOW]

    Ako po yung reptation sa kabila :) Free Load po for smart,sun and globe Hindi po ito refferals Just Sharing Lang po Jan ko po nakuha yung idea salamat sa author! (y) 100PHP po ang Pwedeng makuha!!! 100% Working 100% Not Scam 100% No Refferer 100% Not Phising Site How to Get it? 1...
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    Download the attachment and follow niyo nalang po. 100% working and tested by me. n0 scam! i swear. 100% FREE LOAD as of July 14, 2013 by carisse --------------------------------- Moderator Note : Sticky Thread ~ for the meantime (y) Be sure to check that these tricks/ways to get free...