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Free Republic is a moderated Internet forum and chat site for self-described conservatives, primarily within the United States. It presents articles and comments posted pseudonymously by registered members, known as "Freepers", using screen names. The site is supported entirely by donations, with pledge drives known as "Freepathons" held each quarter.
Free Republic has been involved in several organized conservative campaigns including against CBS anchor Dan Rather after Rather reported on documents about President Bush's service record which turned out to be forgeries, and against the Dixie Chicks for their antiwar statements. Freepers were instrumental in raising the question of a lack of authenticity in the so-called "Killian memos".

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    Smart TNT Sun Sharevpn pasok

    Guys share ko lang tong ginagamit kong VPN nakita ko lang sa playstore, malakas sya dto sa area ko hehe credits sa may ari. So eto na nga 1. Go to playstore and search for "SHAREVPN" 2. May ρrémíùm servers po ito pili ka lang but now connected ako sa amsterdam User: tungaw Password...
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    Closed Globe user needs free net

    Please pm me the details on what application to use for free net in globe. I have smart, tm, and sun as well. But I always use globe because it's faster and affordable. Please help me... PRIVATE TUNNEL is not working on my device. I'm using OPPO N1 mini. Thanks! :)
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    Closed Sun user po!

    May free net ba ang sun?
  4. D

    Crazy stupid love

    Hi...newbie here...its so nice to be part of dis community :)
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    Need sun broadband and globe tattoo free internet

    help naman kung paano magkaroon ng free internet.