Föhr pronunciation (Fering North Frisian: Feer; Danish: Før) is one of the North Frisian Islands on the German coast of the North Sea. It is part of the Nordfriesland district in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. Föhr is the second-largest North Sea island of Germany and a popular destination for tourists. A town and eleven distinct municipalities are located on the island. The climate is oceanic with moderate winters and relatively cool summers.
Being a settlement area already in neolithic times, Föhr had been part of mainland North Frisia until 1362. Then the coastline was destroyed by a heavy storm flood known as Saint Marcellus's flood and several islands were formed, Föhr among them. The northern parts of Föhr consist of marshes while the southern parts consist of sandy geest. From the middle-ages until 1864, Föhr belonged to the Danish realm and to the Duchy of Schleswig, but was then transferred to Prussia as a result of the Second Schleswig War. Seafaring has long been the most popular trade, but farming and eventually tourism became the most important economic factors after the end of the Age of Sail. The island can be reached by a car and passenger ferry service or via an airstrip.
Apart from German, a dialect of the North Frisian language, Fering, is frequently spoken on Föhr. Several authors and poets have also written in Fering.

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    Help MU dragon Adventure best skill for elf rb1

    MU dragon Adventure best skill for elf rb1
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    Help looking for procreate 3.1.4

    Anyone have the ipa file 3.1.4 for procreate? I recently acquired an old iPad 2, which has the operating system 9.3.5. Does anyone have Procreate 3.1.4 ?? thankx
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    Help Vpn for pc?

    May vpn po ba para sa pc DITO pahingi po salamat po🫀
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    LF Work Looking for WFH

    I have an experience in BPO for 2yrs mahigit at 1yr mahigit sa us time kaso outsourcing lang baka may alam kayo diyan na work from home salamat po
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    For awareness spotify download app

    Guys for awareness lang ingat sa pag download ng spotify experience pag download nito na format cp ko almost 80% nabura..nakalimutan ko kung sino ang nag post non..kaya ko lang na recall kasi meron akong nabasa.dito na ganon nga pala nangyayare eh yun lang ang huling...
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    Best Laptop for 50k to 60k?

    Guys ask ko lang kung anong brand and unit ng laptop ang swak sa 50k to 60k na budget!, Thanks in advance!!!!
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    Trivia Hardcore Christian Conservatives: This is for you!

    Jesús de María and Wowza! This might rattle some hard core, Christian conservatives that only believe in two genders. It seems that when old Adam and Eve got their butts and se̾x organs kicked out of the Garden of Eden, they took along some DNA with them that wasn’t just male and female only...
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    For Sale: ML Account

    max emblems, all heroes, 169 magic core for magic wheel, maraming recall effects and emotes, below are elite-epic skins included (di ko na sinama basic skins) my price is 3k po, but if you're a sure buyer we can negotiate : )
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    Marc Pingris in talks with Blackwater for PBA comeback

    SUDDENLY, Blackwater team owner Dioceldo Sy is facing a dilemma. After initially offering Marc Pingris a job as big man's coach, Sy is now thinking of likewise giving the PBA great a spot in the Bossing's roster for the pro league's coming 48th season. The idea came after Sy had a talk with...
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    Share ko lang config working sa modem, Matagal ko na to ginagamit ngayun ko lang naisip ishare! :D UNLIGO150 GOSHARE/ GOWATCH UNLIFUNALIW150 set apn: user pass: Hidden content MODEM CONFIG🗼 Hidden content PC & ANDROID CONFIG💻📲 Hidden content CREATE SOLO ACCOUNT...
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    Question for bot

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    Request to Mobile and Broadband Subscribers and Globe Employees

    Good day! I am an MBA student conducting research with a focus on Telecommunications Companies in the Philippines. The survey will only take 3-4 minutes of your time. Rest assured that the collected data will be used strictly for academic research purposes, with strict adherence to the...
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    Help Ablebits for excel

    baka po meron kayong ablebits for excel tia po broken link na po kasi ung meron dito
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    Help Best Freelancing Site for IT Profession

    Good day. im a fresh grad IT and want to engage in free lancing. Anong site kaya and mga skillset pwede nyong irecommend.
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    Help Looking for student or part timer devs

    Hi guys , papagawa sana ako Rental Management simple lang, willing to pay. Objective: 1 .Create Account - Delete - Update - Edit(CRUD) 2. Display Tenant number, available rooms, generated reports 3. Notification 3days ahead till the due date of tenant 4. Payment via Gcash Note: I can do...
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    Udemy - YøùTùbé Automation with AI tools for Beginners

    Just Sharing. (y) Understand the capabilities of YøùTùbé automation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. Write scripts and create audio automatically Identify the steps required to set up tools and create Videos The complete process of creating an automated YøùTùbé channel File Type: MP4...
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    PHP Question for bot

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    Help Books or Manual for Quantity Surveying

    pahingi mga lods
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    Hello po baka po pwedeng makahingi ng tulong solo proponent po kasi ako redef po may mga need i improve/imodify sa website di ko na po alam kung paano. Para po makahabol sa graduation sana
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    Python Describe a strategy for avoiding nested conditionals

    Describe a strategy for avoiding nested conditionals
  29. A

    Looking for sources

    Baka po may alam kayong sources where I can learn coding by myself. Like YøùTùbérs or links po where they're offering free learning. Maraming thank you po in advance
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    Help Looking for Hatch 2 embroidery software

    Looking for Hatch 2 embroidery software meron kaya dito? maraming salamat
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    Script for Number into Words with philippine pesos

    Hi I'll be sharing this script regarding sa integration in Google script or Website to convert Amount into words. Nagamit ko to nung may client akong nagpacreate ng integration sa google sheets regarding sa conversion ng amount in PH to Words Hidden content To integrate this script to Google...
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    House plenary passes bill giving Pinoys right to seek refunds for Internet service outage

    Gaining 278 affirmative votes before dawn Tuesday durikng plenary session was House Bill (HB) No. 9021, dubbed the "Refund for Internet and Telecommunications Services Outages and Disruptions Act". The bill says a refund is not warranted if the reason for such outage is due to scheduled...
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    Help Paano gumawa ng config sa ovpn for unlifun aliw

    Paano po gumawa ng config sa ovpn salamat
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    Help Need for IBM SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science)

    help naman po kung sino mayron thanks
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    For Sale ML account for sale for bidding

    Max emblem,max heroes at marami pang skin na elite at special skin
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    Cyber Security: Awareness Training For Absolute Beginners (Udemy Courses)

    Security awareness training against cyber threats - phishing, social engineering, ransomware and häçking attacks What you'll learn You will learn about how häçkers exploit you through common attacks including social engineering You will be trained on how to spot social engineering attacks...
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    Help Asking for light novel of mushoku tensei

    Hello mga bosa baka may alam kayong site or app na pwede basahin ng libre ang mushoku tensei sobrang na hook talaga ako sa story na'to
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    Hi! ask lang kung may unlidata ba si globe good for 1 month? thanks!
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    Help May häçker po ba dito? patry naman if vulnerable for häçking

    FOR DEV PURPOSE thank you so much po :)
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    Smart TNT Sun Dnstt for netmod syna 7days lang

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    Help Saved courses for OLED i2c sh1106 and ssd1306

    Baka may tutorial kayo diyan ng buong capabilities in coding OLED using sh1106 and ssd1306 medyo nalilimit kasi ako online paiba iba at putol-putol pinapanood ko. Need lang for thesis. Thank you!
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    Trivia Work in government offices shortened on September 25 for Family Week

    MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang has issued a memorandum shortening work hours in the executive branch on Monday in line with the observance of the 31st National Family Week. According to Memorandum Circular 32, all government work in the executive branch will be suspended from 3 p.m. onwards...
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    Smart TNT Sun Powerall 149 smart ro51 modem. For PC

    Baka may topic kau jan na. Pede mai apply bali naka reg ako sa power all 149. Kaso ubos na data. Baka may topic kayo or alam kayo na topic na pede iapply sa case ko. Para ma bypass data nya. For PC po . Sa phone kasi meron naman snhiper vpn saka xtunnel ako gamit. Palink naman po dun sa...
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    Help Pa trade naman po 83Paypal for 70Gcash lang

    Pa trade naman need ko pang 70Gash palitan ko 83 paypalfund
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    Create A Website For Free. Free Domain|Free hosting

    This is a free course Hidden content A Beginner’s Guide To Create A Free Website In Wordpress Without Any Coding Experience. Free Domain and Free Hosting. Anyone looking to create a free website. Anyone who wants to learn how to create a free websites on Wordpress Anyone who wants to...
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    For Sale Pi for sale

    Baka gusto nyo mga ka lodicakes
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    Help Loan for Emergency na safe

    Baka may alam kayo pwede mapag-utangan na safe. At kung meron man interest sana mababa lang. Subrang kailangan lang talaga para sa babayarin. Salamat sa mga sasagot😁