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NHL First Timer is a web series created by Pasha Eshghi and Paul Bissonnette in collaboration with the NHL. The series is hosted by Bissonnette, who takes people from all walks of life to their first NHL games with the goal of converting them into hockey fans. The series is part of a new initiative by the NHL which aims to tap into the Generation Z demographic by creating digital content in-house that is catered to social media needs. The first season of the series is slated for 5 episodes.
The first episode of the series features the NFL's Jalen Ramsey. The episode caught the attention of the public as it was released shortly after Ramsey's controversial comments where he claimed he could play in the NHL with only six months of training.
The third episode saw Bissonnette and the NBA's Robin Lopez team up with the Salvation Army to bring two underprivileged teens to the NHL Winter Classic.Other notable guest appearances include former Premier League defender Jay Demerit and current NHL players PK Subban, Patrick Kane and Brock Boeser.

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    Help First timer sa flashing custom roms pls help

    Device: Redmi Note 10 Pro mga master may mabibigay ba kayo na tips and suggestions bago ko subukan eto, like custom rom recommendations para sa phone ko and kung may alternative tips kayo para mapabilis ko pa yung MIUI kase pansin ko medyo lag talaga napapaisip lang ako magflash ng custom rom...
  2. N

    Help First timer laptop user

    Nag download ako ng WPS app mismo sa website nila then hindi ko napansin na may isa pa palang nag auto install na app yung 360 anti virus ata yon ni try ko siyang i uninstall kasi daming ads pero bago naman siya ma uninstall napaka daming sinasabi kaya hindi ko na lang ni tuloy, Safe lang ba...
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    Closed Guys share ko lang.

    Gawa ko lang guys. Sorry first time! ^_^ May time siya na mabilis may time na mabagal. Wag sana lait. Hihihi Netherland Singapore Enjoy guys! ^_^ ~...
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    Closed What is wap apn

    Sa http injctor din ba dito sa sun ehi lalagy to
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    Closed Sun and tnt ehi; status: 200 (ok)

    Hi mga kaphc, share ko na po itong ehi ko. Try niyo na rin. Mabilis naman din depende sa signal at area niyo po. Pwede sa pocket wifi lahat. Pinagsama ko na lahat ng nagawa ko. Sana gumana din sa inyo:) ▪5days Us- Us2-...
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    Closed Drain battery

    panu po ba hnd uminit at mbilis maubos ung battery ko...pag gumagamit ako ng HSS at COC mblis mag drain battery ko at uminit phone ko...bka kay makatulong sa akin jan thanks....
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    gud am ako po si sato sana matuto
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    Hello, I am. . .

    Hello my name is Rommel. A computer engineering student at cavite state university. i am 22 years old and i hope i can get along with you guys. I am looking forward to learn more about gadgets, different devices and etc. and i know that this forum will help me to achieve that. I am so glad to be...
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    im so much interested in reading thread.. especially in tweaks and tricks .. hope i can help soon .. o_O

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