Mozilla Firefox, or simply Firefox, is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. It uses the Gecko rendering engine to display web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards. In November 2017, Firefox began incorporating new technology under the code name Quantum to promote parallelism and a more intuitive user interface. Firefox is available for Windows 7 and later versions, macOS, and Linux. Its unofficial ports are available for various Unix and Unix-like operating systems, including FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, illumos, and Solaris Unix. It is also available for Android and iOS. However, as with all other iOS web browsers, the iOS version uses the WebKit layout engine instead of Gecko due to platform requirements. An optimized version is also available on the Amazon Fire TV, as one of the two main browsers available with Amazon's Silk Browser.Firefox was created in 2002 under the code name "Phoenix" by the Mozilla community members who desired a standalone browser, rather than the Mozilla Application Suite bundle. During its beta phase, it proved to be popular with its testers and was praised for its speed, security, and add-ons compared to Microsoft's then-dominant Internet Explorer 6. It was released on November 9, 2004, and challenged Internet Explorer's dominance with 60 million downloads within nine months. It is the spiritual successor of Netscape Navigator, as the Mozilla community was created by Netscape in 1998 before their acquisition by AOL.Firefox usage share grew to a peak of 32.21% in November 2009, with Firefox 3.5 overtaking Internet Explorer 7, although not all versions of Internet Explorer as a whole; its usage then declined in competition with Google Chrome. As of September 2022, according to StatCounter, it has 7.4% usage share as a desktop web browser, making it the fourth-most popular desktop web browser after Google Chrome (67%), Microsoft Edge (11%), and Safari (8.8%). Across all platforms it again places fourth though with a usage share of 3.2%.

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    Help Firefox extension

    help needed to make firefox extension that will allow me to copy-paste data from a webpage to a microsoft forms
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    Help ERROR in Firefox Browser ERROR in Firefox Browser
  3. D

    Android App Firefox Focus: No Fuss Browser 123.0 [Mod]

    Requirements: 5.0+ Overview: Browse like no one’s watching. The new Firefox Focus automatically blocks many ads and a wide range of online trackers — from the moment you launch it to the second you leave it. Use Firefox Focus for everything you want to keep separate from your main browser —...
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    PC App Min Browser

    Browse without distractions Tabs in Min take up less space, giving you more room to browse the web. Pages you haven’t looked at in a while fade out, letting you see what’s important, and Focus Mode hides your other tabs to prevent you from getting distracted. Find anything instantly See quick...
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    List of Firefox Extension Including {Best}

    Hidden content
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    Referral Serpclix legit passive income site!

    Sumali ako sometime in the first week of january at ito ang total na kinita ko. Pero kung madalas ka nasa PC or Phone siguradong malaki pa kikitain ninyo. They pay monthly. Extension siya for firefox kaya kailangan ninyo ng firefox browser, sa mga android users i-install ninyo ang v68.11.0...
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    Android App Firefox browser

    Sa mga mahilig makinig ng music sa YøùTùbé online download nyo lang firefox at hanapin nyo yung add on na "Video background playfix" para narin kayong naka ρrémíùm may background play sya kahit e off nyo ang screen pwede rin kayong mag dagdag ng adblocker extension para walang ads ang YøùTùbé...
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    PC App Firefox na made in Japan explore natin

    Unlimited customization with Floorp Floorp is built on Firefox and was built in Japan and is a new browser with excellent privacy & flexibility. Features Strong Tracking Protection - By default, Floorp includes a robust tracking blocker, protecting users from a variety of malicious trackers...
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    Direct Link Mozilla Firefox Browser 121.0.1 offline installer

    Firefox Browser is the latest web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation, it is powered by the Servo web browser layout engine and the incredibly fast and smooth Photon UI. Firefox Browser is over twice as fast as the old Gecko powered Firefox, built on a completely overhauled core engine...
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    Firefox apk for android TV fireOS saan meron

    Good pm. Ask ko lang if may firefox kayo na apk for android TV, fireOS, yun may ublock origin or pwede mag install nun. Di mainstall kasi pag sa TV. Thanks.
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    Direct Link Mozilla firefox standalone offline installer latest 10,11,23

    download here!!
  12. M

    Help Firefox

    Ka PHCorner, paano i fix ang Slow Loading ni PHC sa Firefox sa Laptop? At minsan ayaw talaga mag Open pero sa Phone ayos naman at mabilis po.
  13. P

    Help Firefox User

    ask lang sa mga naka firefox jan hindi ba malakas kumain ng RAM ang firefox? yung chrome / brave kasi medyo masakit sa RAM eh hahahaha
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    Android App Iceraven Browser (Modified Firefox w/ extensions) v2.5.1

    Iceraven Browser is a fully-featured web browser that manages to deliver Android devices with practically all the features of some of the most popular PC browsers. With a minimalist and very attractive interface, and an impressive optimization of system resources, Iceraven Browser has managed to...
  15. R

    Android App Mozilla Firefox Browser (No adds for YøùTùbé, Facebook videos and others sites)for Android and PC

    Para lng sa mga di nakaka alam. Tricks to remove adds when playing Videos on YøùTùbé or in Facebook including other sites. Feedback if working. Hidden content
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    Help Hindi makita ang naka spoiler kahit estab using firefox

    Up to date na rin firefox ko mga lods. Firefox user kasi ako medyo less yung kain sa ram. :)
  17. A

    Firefox Focus: The Companion Browser - v111.0 - Mod

    Click The Download Link Below Mod Info? •Removed ads, •Unnecessary languages other than •Russian, English and Ukrainian, •Removed dependence on Google services, •Squeezed graphics. Hidden content Hidden content
  18. B

    Tutorial Install any browser Extension addons on Android using Firefox Nightly Browser

    mas okay sya kesa kiwi since makakapag install kapa ng iba pang extension aside cøøkíé editor. Hidden content
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    Windows 7 expire certificate sa browser like chrome and firefox?

    Sa naka windows 7 parin dito na mga loyal na Are you experience this guys lage? kahit sa browser lage to na experience kahit sakto oras mo? install this two update: Servicing stack update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1: March 12, 2019...
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    [NO ADS YøùTùbé TRICK] Mahilig ka ba manood sa YøùTùbé pero naiinis ka sa ads? Pasok dito!

    Pano po tanggalin yung ads sa YøùTùbé video kahit na wala kang ρrémíùm account? Napakadali lang po. Let me teach you po! Para sa mga naka-PC: Kung nanonood po kayo sa YøùTùbé gamit po ang google chrome, paki download na lang po nito (ublock origin)...
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    Google/Mozilla starts testing Chrome/Firerox 100 user agent string

    In March 2022, Chromium-based browsers will move from two-digit to three-digit app versions. Such a change might throw a wrench into the Internet and break compatibility on millions of websites. To prepare its browser for a major shift in version numbers, Google starts testing Chrome 100 UA or...
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    PC App Mozilla Firefox Browser 90.0 32/64bit offline installers

    Firefox Browser is the latest web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation, it is powered by the Servo web browser layout engine and the incredibly fast and smooth Photon UI. Firefox Browser is over twice as fast as the old Gecko powered Firefox, built on a completely overhauled core engine...
  23. L

    Help Change default browser of uTorrent web

    Mga lodz. Paano ba palitan default browser ng uTorrent for Web, from Chrome to Firefox sana. Maganda kasi VPN extensions doon na may mga libreng uncapped data, I think.
  24. 2020-04-11_08-12.png


    My Personal theme .. lapit na rin ako makapag contribute hehe cant wait sunod kong itheme instagram at facebook at twitter.. salamat sa firefox members napakabait niyo.
  25. Phcorner on Windows 98 and Firefox

    Phcorner on Windows 98 and Firefox

    Balik tanaw sa nakaraan. Naalala ko tuloy yung computer namin nung bata pa ako. Tapos dial up na napakaingay habang comokonnect.
  26. Z

    Closed Firefox extensions/addon issue (temporary workaround)

    It is likely that you will be hit by this issue if you use Firefox. All extensions get disabled and it pretty much makes Firefox unusable (and unsafe). A temporary workaround: Navigate to about:debugging Click the 'Load Temporary Add-on'...
  27. H

    Closed Error sa firefox fucos sa gcash farmig

    Sa inyo din ba may paraan po ba para maka regester Patulong mga master farmer.
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    Closed Mozilla firefox (offline installer) latest update

    Mozilla Firefox is a fast, light and tidy open source web browser. At its public launch in 2004 Mozilla Firefox was the first browser to challenge Microsoft Internet Explorer’s dominance. Since then, Mozilla Firefox has consistently featured in the top 3 most popular browsers globally. The key...
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    Closed Guys pa help po

    bakit po ung firefox browser ko ayaw mag open ang lumalabas ung parang cmd???TIA
  30. J

    Closed Guys tanong ko lang

    Sino Nakakaalam auto tool para sa skylom para hindi ko na kailangan click pa haha..:)
  31. D

    Closed Help naman po sa mga magagaling dyan

    sir ? pa help, bakit po ganito yung netbook ku ? okey naman sya sa Internet Exproler peru pag Google Chrome at Muzilla , ayaw po ma open or walang net . bat po ba ganon? sana may maka help sakin
  32. S

    Closed Mozilla firefox 57.0 [firefox quantum] (standalone installer)

    What's new? For details, please visit this LINK. For questions, visit their support site.
  33. S

    Closed Bakit hindi ako maka-facebook using shadowsocks?

    Noong bago pa akong gumagamit ng shadowsocks (i mean the protocol not the application of the same name), may mga bagay na di ko maintindihan. Isa na rito ang tungkol sa pag-access ng sites. Ang tindi ni shadowsocks sa YøùTùbé; no buff. Pero hirap naman makapasok sa Facebook. Merong user dito...
  34. K

    Closed A bulletproof approach to prevent YøùTùbé from buffering

    Mga ka PHC kamusta? Gusto ko lang mag share ng gamit ko sa PC, di ko po sure kung meron nito sa android. Ito po ang gamit ko sa YøùTùbé. No buffer po talaga. Pero depende din po kung marami ba naka connect. Try nyo nalang po and see the difference. First, kelangan nyo po ng Mozilla Firefox...
  35. S

    Closed Pano ma häçk/ma view online activity ng ka workmate mo?

    Note: This tricks is educational purpose only, never do this tricks for bad purpose. 1st: you & your target victims must connect to the same WiFi network in your office/workplace, 2nd: install in your laptop/PC the Firefox browser + install add ons FIRESHEEP. By using firesheep software it can...
  36. N

    Closed How to use a magic apn + 17 working proxy servers

    Happy New Year sa inyong lahat mga kapatid :happy: May handog ako sa inyong pasabog ngayon bagong taon at ito ang Free Net using a Magic APN. Alam kong pamilyar na yung iba dito. Ito ay aking sasamanhan ng 17 Working Proxy Servers dahil sa napasali ang aking Tutorial sa paggagawa ng Config para...
  37. K

    Closed Mozilla firefox

    32bit: 1482541998-408 - 42.54 MB']1482541998-408 - 42.54 MB[/URL] 1482541998-408 - 42.54 MB'][/URL] 64bit: 1482542053-4049 - 44.81 MB']1482542053-4049 - 44.81 MB[/URL]
  38. J

    Closed Need Help ! Smart bro DV235-t po (Upgrade/Downgrade)

    Hi Guys ! Please Help me po , bakit walang upload yung smart dv ko T_T eto po sa baba yung version ng DV ko, Kahit nirestore factory ko na , di parin lumalabas yung upgrade , still 3 parin pinag pipilian ko :( log , ping at recovery parin po :'( help me please Firmware version...
  39. A

    Help firefox connection unsecured

    pahelp po mga boss, nagresearch na ako pero wala pa rin nagwork ganon parin nagpapakita connection unsecured. nagrefresh firefox po kasi ako dahil nagfre-freeze po at palaging putol-putol ang download ko eh stable naman connection ko. mas mabilis kasi sakin firefox eh:D. salamat sa tutulong...
  40. B

    Closed Firefox Setup 42.0

    Firefox Setup 42.0 offline installer Mozilla Firefox is one of the leading web browsers available for web surfers today. It can also be extended with more utility by added one or more add-ons or plug-ins. The basic tabbed experience when browsing with Firefox is excellent which manages its...
  41. E

    Closed [Latest] Mozilla Firefox 43.0.4 Final

    Mozilla Firefox 43 Mozilla Firefox is a fast, secure and easy to use web browser that offers many advantages over other web browsers. This award-winning, open source web browser is packed with advanced security features designed to help you stay safe, and in control, online. The optimized...
  42. H

    Closed Firefox Hello : Start the Video Call from your Mozilla Browser

    Firefox 34, the latest build introduced Firefox Hello allowing users to make video calls right from the Firefox Web Browser. You do not need any plug-in and third party softwares to start the video call. Person with whom you want to start the video conversation should have WebRTC supported web...
  43. H

    Closed [101% Best Anonymous Browser]Epic Privacy Browser![Comb. of Chrome+FF]

    EPIC OVERVIEW So guys, para mas maging Anonymous po kayo e gamitin niyo browser na to..mas maganda at mas mabilis din at sure na safe na safe kayo at di magleleak ang info niyo sa ibang website! :D Enjoy!! DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK: CLICK HERE! PASSWORD: googledotcom Thread Added on...
  44. X

    Tutorial Firefox - How configure your browser and browse like in MOBILE?

    Benefits: Fast browsing Naka mobile ka sa chat ng Friends mo sa Facebook kahit hindi naman :ROFLMAO: Nakaka access sa mga pangmobile na sites :) Can be modified. Depende sa gusto nyong taste :) Just download the attachment below sa mga list ng mga devices na pwede nyong gamitin to modify your...
  45. S

    Firefox 23.0 Beta 7

    As of July 19, 2013 The Web is all about innovation, and Firefox sets the pace with dozens of new features to deliver a faster, more secure and customizable Web browsing experience for all. User Experience The enhancements to Firefox provide the best possible browsing experience on the...
  46. L

    Closed You can now open new private browsing twice

    You Can Now Open New Private Browsing Window Without Closing Current Window in New Firefox For Firefox users, this is quite good news. Perhaps, i should say as a Chrome User, this version gives me a good impression. Now, you can open a new PRIVATE window without interrupting your current...
  47. K

    G·TM Alternative solution for phc vpn's internal server error using https proxy servers

    Sa palagay ko e, HTTPS connections nalang ang gumagana kay PHC VPN, kaya para sa inyo itong mga proxies para sa Firefox or Chrome. Mabilis 'to kaya astig! :D Try nyo nalang :) Mga High Anonymous Proxies ito from port 3128 = PHILIPPINE PROXY port 3128...
  48. R

    Mozilla firefox 19.0 beta 6

    Mozilla Firefox 19 is a fast, secure and easy to use web browser that offers many advantages over other web browsers, such as the tabbed browsing and the ability to block pop-up windows. It lets you to view Web pages way faster, using less of your computer’s memory. Take Firefox with you...

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