file sharing

File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents or electronic books. Common methods of storage, transmission and dispersion include removable media, centralized servers on computer networks, Internet-based hyperlinked documents, and the use of distributed peer-to-peer networking.
File sharing technologies, such as BitTorrent, are integral to modern media piracy, as well as the sharing of scientific data and other free content.

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    guys baka may masasuggest kayo na computer software or website na pwede mag upload ng files na maaacess nun iba . example may report sa bldg 1 mag aaupload sila ng report xls format then iaccess ng bldg 2 vice versa parang yung group chat sa messenger , different network sila . thanks
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    Tutorial Create your own Cloud storage and access it via Computer desktop, Android, Windows, and iOS smart phones.

    Good day! Today, I'm gonna teach you on how to create your own cloud storage that is accessible online anywhere. You can access it with your computer desktop and even your Android phone and iOS phone. If you want to have your files on the cloud and share it with your colleagues or if you want to...