A frequently asked questions (FAQ) list is often used in articles, websites, email lists, and online forums where common questions tend to recur, for example through posts or queries by new users related to common knowledge gaps. The purpose of a FAQ is generally to provide information on frequent questions or concerns; however, the format is a useful means of organizing information, and text consisting of questions and their answers may thus be called a FAQ regardless of whether the questions are actually frequently asked.Since the acronym FAQ originated in textual media, its pronunciation varies. FAQ is most commonly pronounced as an initialism, "F-A-Q", but may also be pronounced as an acronym, "FAQ". Web designers often label a single list of questions as a "FAQ", such as on Google Search, while using "FAQs" to denote multiple lists of questions such as on United States Treasury sites. Use of "FAQ" to refer to a single frequently asked question, in and of itself, is less common.

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    Trivia Sim Registration FAQ

    Telecommunication companies are preparing to roll out their respective SIM registration portals in the coming weeks, while new SIM cards will be sold in “deactivated mode”, as the mandatory registration rules take effect on Dec. 27 this year. The National Telecommunications Commission issued...
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    Persons With Disability (PWD) FAQ and Benefits

    Frequently Asked Questions on Benefits for Persons with Disability What is a PWD ID? A Person with Disability (PWD) ID is a valid government identification card issued to persons with disabilities in the Philippines. The card entitles owners benefits and privileges in accordance with...
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    FAQ: What do we know about the Maharlika Investments Fund?

    To date, some 200 of them have been formed in more or less 50 nations around the world. They call it a “sovereign wealth fund.” Or in local parlance, as proposed by House Bill No. 6398, it would be the “Maharlika Investments Fund.” Filed last November 28 by six representatives to help “achieve...
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    Closed FAQ revealed! Free YT Video Everyday promo | #ElenaDrake

    Hello, guys! It's me, ElenaDrake and here's my another thread as my comeback. Wala nang intro pa! Masasagot ko na ang mga katanungan niyo. Baka ma-nosebleed ko na naman kayo, eh. Nevermind. Since buwan ng Wika na naman ngayon, sige. :D Frequently Asked Questions: 1. Bakit parang iba ang Free...
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    Closed blue attachment text sa post

    bakit ganon padin kahit established na?
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    Closed Paano magpaestablished member? post or comment?

    sabi sa FAQ, 30 post ang basic requirement, kailangan ba talagang post? or pwedeng comment lang? pagka post kasi, ano pwedeng ipost? hehe
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    Closed How to delete your own thread?

    Wala akong makitang option sa thread tool. Paano ba gawin to? Thanks.
  8. D

    Closed Highactive 30

    For fb lang ba yung mb nito mga sir? Or pwede din sa ehi?
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    Closed Newbie

    Wala po ba tayong internet tricks dyan para sAZ mga leechers pa lang?
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    Closed Faq: the bible: an open book or forbidden to be read?

    Resource: PASUGO God's Message (September 2016), page 2 I shared this not to argue with anyone about faith, beliefs, or religion but to address this misconception about us not reading or relying on the Bible. Matter of fact, our faith is deeply rooted on the Bible and all our practices are...
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    Closed Faqs about my repacks [louisbels]

    Here’s a little FAQ about me, cause for 3 weeks I’m making repacks I’ve got a lot of similar questions. Q: Are you really a girl? A: [sigh] Next question, please. Q: When will you ***** game N? A: Never. I’m not a *****er, I’m a repacker. I can’t even program things. My knowledge are about...
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    Closed Xbox or playstation?

    Im planning to buy a console but idk which is which. Ive tried googling for the adv and diss but i still cant decide on what to buy. Please lend me a hand I need also your thoughts and opinions on each consoles. Thanks!
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    Closed Ios users

    May freenet din ba tyo like ehi?
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    Closed Ehi and stuff

    Paano po ba gamitin ang HTTP Injector at kumonekt sa ehi file? Ano po yung sinasabi nilang CDC? Kailangan pa po ba rooted ang device for ehi? Ano po ang mga reasons kung bakit di nagana ang rhi file (di maka connect)?
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    Closed Psiphon handler settings

    For TNT po sana. :) Manila Area. Bago lang po ako dito sa PHCorner. Maraming salamat po and more power! :)
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    Closed Globe switch: questions and how to

    if you have prob using globe switch, hope i can help you :)
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    Closed Unlisurf 995/month - unlimited -no capping+unblocking

    UNBLOCKING METHOD: ;) Lalo na sa mga naka UnliSurf 995/month service. Sayang naman kung tinatapon nalang ang SIM at bumibili kayo ng bago. Ganito ang gagawin sa tuwing na-blo-blocked ang Kickstart SIM ninyo, do the following. 1. Set your Phone or Pocket WiFi back to 2G network mode. I repeat...
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    Question that needs to be answered

    Good Day mga ka PHcorner, curious lng ako kc nadownload ko na mga tools na kailangan ko at mga MACs na nabibigay dito. ang malaking tanong ko DV235t user ako, pano at pwede ko ba magamit mga MACs na binibigay niyo for bm226 po ba yun and so on? and my last question pano ko ma identify yung pang...
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    Help [Question]: About Awards

    Pwede ipaalam nyo po yung mga kailangan kong maachieve? Yung whole list po, naiilang kasi ako sa Leecher kahit di naman Leecher. "No plagiarism intended when reading threads, nililike ko naman at nagfefeedback naman ako eh :D"