Excite is an American web portal operated by IAC that provides a variety of outsourced content including news and weather, a metasearch engine, and a user homepage. In the United States, the main Excite homepage had long been a personal start page called My Excite. Excite once operated a webmail service commonly known as Excite Mail until August 31, 2021.
The original Excite company was founded in 1994 and went public two years later. Excite was once a popular site on the Internet during the 1990s, with the main portal site Excite.com being the sixth most visited website in 1997. The company merged with broadband provider @Home Network but together went bankrupt in 2001. Excite's portal and services were acquired by iWon and then by Ask Jeeves, but the website went into a steep decline in popularity afterwards.

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    Closed Excited

    yung excited ka makapaglaro ng bang bang...tapos nawala ang net..bigla nalang ng expired. kainis..hehehehe
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    Closed Cloudfone excite prime factory reset need help

    mga ka phc sino sa inyo naka pag factory reset using cloudfone excite prime , kasi nag fatory reset ako hanggang doon na lang sya sa "looking for wifi connection " hindi pala advisable yung hold and press power button and vol. up. meron na po mga mga link pang ayos pero hindi ako sure baka...
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    Closed Cloudfone Excite 403D ROM

    Baka may maghanap ng ROM nito, ito ung link ng ROM Cloudfone_Excite_403D - Download - 4shared - Derwin Olitan Flashable using Flash Tool toh
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    Help [HELP] Sinu po marunong magroot ng Cloudfone Excite 350e?

    Pahelp po kung paano magroot ng Cloudfone Excite 350e ko . Kung my TUTs kayo, pashare naman :)) Salamat po .